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  1. Jizmo

    Oh noes

    Post revival Hurhuthuthu, can't believe this acc is still here from 2005. Going through my activities, damn time flies only right to squeeze an update, where the munt, the scooter, for my son, dam0, gruzy guys at? Anyways progress as follow, ended up with midnight purple r33 front / rear brakes 18x10.5 / 9.5 work d9r Chefi gauges Link g4+ storm complete front/rear rewire / tucked made a catch can on top of radiator / fan shroud Cp 9:1 pistons Max spedding rod conrods Acl bearings crank grub screwed balanced etc tomei fpr Spec r gt interior 5.75" hk
  2. Lol if someone brought me a half done job I'll charge double just knowing the prick tried, failed and quitted. Nothing I hate more than quitters who fcks sheet up then expects someone to finish the job. It's like a parent who gave up parenting and expects everyone else to put up with their kid. Better off getting an abortion. Drop an rb
  3. 9 times out of 10 people with this intermittent issue turned out to be corroded ground wire for coilpacks harness on back of engine
  4. run twin thermos powerd by a fan controller, in addition wire in the factory loom in parallel with it, so you can get your fans to kick in @ the temps required in addition have your ecu kick the fans on when a/c is running
  5. Just bought a full stock exhaust if u need it
  6. I shop at target for replica polos
  7. i dropped both rb20 and rb25 into a s13 Are you trying to use the rb20 engine loom on the rb25? If so cant help ya. If not isn't it just a matter of wiring up the power to the ecu and fuel pump? As far as i remembered the rb20/25 has the exact same ecu pinout.
  8. derp its an inactive thread since 4 years ago.. my bad
  9. Why did i not see this thread earlier. Ok so sometime in january my daily lpg falcon's gas converter went into shiz Towed it to a lpg workshop (referred by a friend who claims will do me a good deal) Went the next day they hadn't start on it yet and told me to come back in 2hrs, 2hrs later picked it up drove fine all good paid just under 2k think was 1800 or somth no receipt was given... Didn't think about it at the time but i paid with credit card and it states the company's name etc and transaction of said amount. Well i did think damn thats expensive, but i guess thats the price
  10. s13 seats are a pos .. any alternative is better. r33 has a higher roof base making it more roomier, so wouldnt be surprised if they seated up higher, you can always try the s13 rails on the 33/32 seats. that being said, heres a good alternative for you http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sorrento/en...t-to/1015633697 comes with custom rail to suit also
  11. i have some 16inch rota grids in that dark brownish metal colour with about 95% tread nexon n3k's if you interested, uh 1 of the rim has a slight dent from uhm bunnings, seat was so low i couldnt see my surroundings rammed a sewage drain curb @ 40km/p
  12. First car I had was a s14a with a brass button, also the car i learnt how to drive with. I had a sore ankle the first week of driving it, but after u get use to it, well worth it. Once you learn the friction point, just release and accelerate quickly, for reversing/parking i just clutch kick it. Scares the sheet out of bystanders. Would love one in the s15, but i doubt the gb can handle it. So my recommendation is brass button, on the bonus side if your car was ever stolen, the thieves would probably give up on trying to get out of your driveway.
  13. isnt that an led for the stock imob?
  14. Jizmo

    Oh noes

    yellow stickered mm extra photo *Edit* fml
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