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    Sunroof rust

    Cant tell you if it will crack due to stress.. but i have seen this done in other cars with good results. I cant really think of a reason for it to crack due to having a new sheet of metal over the gap... sorry cant really recommend anyone either. there are def a lot of dodgy operators out there tho so would be good to do a bit or research.
  2. Byah!

    Sunroof rust

    Have dealt with it on my old s13. get rid of the sunroof. Can weld on a new sheet of metal and fibreglass/sand over to get shape or do the roof skin like you said. wont get rid of the rust if you keep the sunroof. I tried. Easier to get cages as well and gives u more headroom!!!
  3. Yeah thats fustrating....#silvialife
  4. Yeah it was expensive...but with the time I had, it was still cheaper than getting one made up or getting a replacement OEM part (which would have been a nightmare to install given that half of it is hard lines) Replaced the reservoir lines as well as they were cracking. Nissan wanted 50 each (x2) but I ended up doing the super sub with some oil lines from auto pro for 15 bucks. The lines were really dry and cracked, was leaking sheet everywhere. Really should have replaced all the lines with one of those silicone kits when I had the engine out like 2 years ago. Dunno why, the thought nev
  5. http://www.chasebays.com/chase-bays-power-steering-hose-89-02-nissan-240sx-silvia-s13-s14-s15/ Was not that cheap really, ended up bein just over 200 delivered i think....
  6. Ordered one from chasebays An fittings and full braided. Went in a treat after cutting the old one to bits hahaha
  7. s15's like 12-1300kg? that's a lot to drop if so...like I could easily identify 100-150kg in my head....that's bout it hahaha
  8. yeah thats pretty obsessive!!!! but if you are going to do it, guess its good to do it properly!!!
  9. Hi Guys, Long time no post, I know. Gonna update my build soon! So I have a leak in my high pressure power steering line. I looked online and found this replacement http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ISIS-High-Pressure-Power-Steering-Line-For-Nissan-240SX-S13-S14-SR20DET-/271277101078?hash=item3f29601016:g:7gAAAMXQwwlSCnjM It does say it will suit an sr20 but given that its for a 240sx which is LHD and may have a different power steering pump does anyone know if it will fit? Cheers, Aidan. EDIT!! all good the ebay seller got back to me, does not fit. Looks like I'm gonna get butt r
  10. Yeah i got the GKtech set as well....will try drop the subframe today!
  11. so: cover bushes in fuel then burn cut out center with rip saw cut out outer mount with rip saw freeze new bushes hammer insound right?
  12. Yeah i had to dig real deep on the internet to find the tension spring trick for the steering. Wish i knew it years ago on my first s13....would drive me crazy
  13. The write up I found said it was actually for the s14! cant find the original web address but I did save it below ; P/N 48237-10V02 found a good write up on how to fix the steering wheel shimmy that from what i have experienced is common in the s14's. I have had a problem with an intermittent steering wheel shimmy on the highway. I've had the wheels and tires balanced on a Hunter GSP9700 and performed an alignment. All thefront end suspension is new and bushings are all poly. The 15mm wheel spacers have 66.06mm hubcentric rings and so everything should be good, right? Wrong.. I the
  14. Ok so the final tweak of the tension spring worked well. Shake is all but gone, smooth motoring!!! That was until the car started to squeal when reversing. Turned out it was the rear brake pads http://i1375.photobucket.com/albums/ag447/ayresaidan/Mobile%20Uploads/20160821_102817_zpsehgj3x2v.jpg Had good experience with QFM pads so threw a brand new set in the rear and the problem was sorted. Whilst under the car I could see that the rear subframe bushes were pretty flogged out. I do get a bit of axle tramp so I think that will be the next thing to replace. Think ill shy away from the
  15. Solid update! sorry to hear about the rocker arm issues....guessing you were not running those stoppers?
  16. Hmmmm I'd say there is some benefit in adjusting dampening. If I dont set mine to soft on the set of pedders I have on the road I get a sore back (30yo now....) you need to use a image hosting site like photobucket or imgur to post on the forums. Not sure if all coliovers are damper adjustable...have you googled the GP set?
  17. man, went full circle on the brake setup! you gonna put in ducting for the fronts? Been meaning to do mine for months now but have not got round to it.
  18. Ok so my brother made me some low profile ramps after watching the guide from Might Car Mods; http://i1375.photobucket.com/albums/ag447/ayresaidan/Mobile%20Uploads/20160807_161328_zpsjp9zfyrc.jpg So I decided to throw in the replacement tension spring. Removed the old spring and could see it was definitely more compressed than the new replacement http://i1375.photobucket.com/albums/ag447/ayresaidan/Mobile%20Uploads/20160807_154542_zpsixm03u2b.jpg So after install to the torque specs the steering was wayyyyy to dampened....as it it would not return to center. According to the guide it
  19. Yeah I did have the wheels up and tried to move them as you suggested but didnt get any movement....ill try it again as I was going to lift the car again to put that tension spring in as I have already ordered it. Thanks for the offer of help, unfortunately I have family duties on Sunday.... Not sure what caster but I don't have adjustable Caster arms, tho the bushings have been replaced with polyurethane parts. There is definitely something going on with the drivers side coilover tho....its not sitting properly (when compared to the passenger side) and it is sometimes making a "spri
  20. Swapped over the steering rack bushes. Def needed to be done but unfortunately didnt fix the shake.... http://i1375.photobucket.com/albums/ag447/ayresaidan/20160806_105237_zpspfibfidt_edit_1470459915630_zpsobgpl2ya.jpg Still haven't done the steering rack tension spring so that will be the next one to try.
  21. checked the earth? got a multi meter you can use to see what voltage you are getting from the battery?>
  22. Have had some trouble with steering wheel vibrations lately. Think I had a few bad balances but the last place I went to was adamant that wheels were perfectly round and balanced up (I watched them balance the wheels myself). So here is the problem; Wheel shakes at 90km/h at times but then is ok at others. Will also shake at 110km/h at times off and on. Car also pulls hard to the left at times but after hitting a small bump will correct itself. Had a quick look over the car and there is definitely something going on with one of the coilovers (drivers side front). With the Nut at the top
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