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  1. yeah agreed on the atmosphere, and that would be a well awkward moment lol
  2. my friend rang up metros/organers and they said all you have too wear is a white top, wish i got around too organising white contacts.
  3. looks mint, cant wait dreading saturday tho
  4. tocs087

    Sound setup

    strathfield do other brands than jbl, majority of people mix and match too suit there sort of music and budget
  5. tocs087

    Sound setup

    i agree with digitalism, all i had was some splits up front and a 12" sub, was plenty loud.
  6. does anyone know prices yet??? wicked line up, will be worth every dollar
  7. yeah engine build is on the the list but wont be for a while, still having plenty of fun with 340 rwhp. so will do the trick for now
  8. ah yeah read ur previous thread again, missed that bit. hoping 2 get the Greedy Profec b spec 2 soon.
  9. i bought the car as is, only mod iv done are coilovers. and not using any boost controller.
  10. ahk so cams would prob be the next mod if were your car? then possibly a boost contoller?
  11. has got stock cams, myt be worth looking into getting some after marktet ones
  12. its a hks 2535 so iv been told, the boost spikes up to 1.3 bar
  13. yeah basically, like why doesnt it go any higher? is it un safe or something
  14. simple becuase i honeslty thought you could get more hp with 1000 rpm left, and i didnt know as i dont know much about cars
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