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  1. Saw this Last Night driving, looks sooo Hot!!! I love Red Cars, they go faster
  2. This is absolutely amazing, such good build quality. keep the updates coming.
  3. Lucky you managed to find it again in good condition. would love to buy my Old car back, keep the updates coming. I think we need to do another SilviaWA Cruise.
  4. Barrett

    What Turbo

    Hey Mate, Car Looks Awesome,Very clean. As far as i knew all Australian Delivered S15 were Bush Bearing. only JDM were Ball Bearing. Somecone correct me if im wrong.
  5. Im Still Here!!!! Keep the updates Coming. cant wait to see the kit painted and put on.
  6. Always wondered my last few silvias ended up aswell,
  7. You selling the following? how much for headlights and tail lights, very keen
  8. Barrett

    S15 boost cut

    Congrats on the S15, was a good buy i just missed out on it. In Regards to the car. from what the owner told me it needs a tune and a new fuel pump.
  9. Does this benefit the cars performance anymore?
  10. love the mod list but need some pictures to complement it.
  11. Cheers guys. i did fully detail the car and engine bay before shots. Came up Really nice. Biggest Regret Was selling this. Also selling it to a Young Dude who just wrecked the car. I didnt get any pictures of the Dodgy ness i did but it just consisted of cutting and re welding the dump and front pipe plus adding 20mm to both sides.
  12. Well Long time no update. alot did happen with the s15 before the end result was to sell. Start From the start, ending up buying a full 3" Empire Performance Exhaust Turbo back.........[Dont buy this Unless you want headaches] The exhaust was about 20mm too short and the flange angle of the dump didnt match up to the exhaust. After Calling the guys telling them what was wrong they said bring it back we have the correct one for you.So went Dropped it of picked up the new dump got home soo happy, the dump was already off ready to fit up. try to fit it and Bam We have another problem, the dump th
  13. Yeah i have just installed my catback seems to fit fine and sounds good. After going on the cruise on wednesday i realiesed i need way more power. ended up buying a boost gauge and controller. catback exhaust. But still need more I cant upload photos?
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