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  1. WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT did your car used to say POO POO...... for that matter why does it no longer have this!
  2. this doesnt really describe the problem too well, so you get no lights, no power, nothing? get a multimeter and work your way from the battery to wherever the break in the line is, as above probably the earth line once you get there it could be anything from dodge wiring to a faulty immobiliser to relays.....its a long road but dont be scared by it, just work through 1 by 1!
  3. yehp wrong wheel choice is your big issue, either spacers or new wheels with more negative offset. how far from lock are you getting because with the extra lock kit you might find youll just shift the scrubbing to a slightly bigger angle. raising the car might have helped a little but sounds like you have bad hitting if it locks the wheel up. other than that you could adjust your caster, camber and toe. you would want less negative camber, more toe out and more positive caster from memory???? though it will change the feel of the car
  4. see, this guy^^ FYI i have no idea what you just said, all i got was Articuno, Buses and Cans so if you wanna have a drunken road trip with a pokemon im down that!
  5. im sure if it was really feasible Hayden would have already done it or tried it, the bloke probably knows more about the ecu and wiring than the guys who created it! he would be your #1 contact to be friendly with if you want to bounce ideas around. will be following this closely for progress, this kind of DIY grassroots stuff gets me excited!!!!
  6. I played it but now im just holding out for Pokemon GO
  7. I had a mate in SA last year who got the collins kit and he just had a few things (bellhousing and shifter section from memory) machined down slightly and it fit pretty nice, shifter placement was nice and didnt seem to be much hass to install. kinda regret no buying the whole thing for 2500 when he parted the car really.....
  8. PZP will usually have a crack at anything, though Nistune would be a better option
  10. ecu boost control was better than EBC when i had my s14, might look at nistune for the next one, sounds like it's come a long way! edit: why does Hayden even go on holiday, does he not realize there are so many questions we have that only he can answer!!!!
  11. big tip, good quality will always outperform size, but your wallet and life expectancy of the tyre will suffer that said, wider will always give you more grip on like for like tyres and the difference between a 16 and a 17 tyrewall wise won't improve that much so stay on 17s imo most of my cars have had 215 and 225 tyres and gripped fine, it all comes down to fine tuning your suspension setups!
  12. thats not even your car it's HAYDEN'S. don't lie Marshall, we all know the unicorn doesn't live
  13. lets start from the top here, you want to engine convert a silvia and mod the engine up to 500-600 rwhp but you don't know what parts you'll need for that? Assuming you want to do it properly, lets just add 1 of everything from the driveline, engine, transmission, wiring, cooling, fuel supply, brakes, suspension, braces to your shopping list That kinda power you would be just as easily pressed to LS swap it aswell
  14. 3lite

    PZP - Review

    My experience is that PZP are the best I've been to and the others i went through previously were Allstar and Hyperdrive I'm biased towards PZP though coz Tom and Coop are legends, so Toms tuning could be potato and i wouldn't care though i got 35hp more and a nicer tune than Allstar could manage on the same car I haven't been to Hypers in 5+ years now since i had a pretty bad experience with sped work being done, probably by an apprentice even though it still cost me 5k.... Previous to all that Kensei was where i got work done, though they borrowed a dyno and dont exist anymore..... i
  15. you can usually pick up a decent 2nd hand zorst for around the 200 mark, I've always personally believed in you get what you pay for and only ever saved for either a high end Japanese one or a custom fabricated exhaust. custom ones always fit better though edit: good jap cat backs are 500+ and a decent custom will end up 1000+ once u add a highflow cat and muffler etc. be worth it though because you won't have to swap it again later....
  16. much of a muchness man, K&N arent bad, APEXI are all fakes, just get one that looks and feels good quality and that fits where you want it, for what 99.99% of people here want they all perform similarly
  17. completely stock car, what do you want to gain? you could do a full hot side swap and retune meaning youll get a mani, turbo, exhaust and retune to suit or if you don't have the spare few thousand just get a catback for some nicer tone, you wont need a front pipe from the turbo back until you plan on more boost and a retune anyway
  18. nah ill polish them constantly, will be half the work to do than my white TE37s
  19. just a new Nismo sticker away from greatness....
  20. then it's just finding an electronic gauge that is 80mm blurst gauge sizing ever in that thing
  21. So as far as updates goes I've done a lot and achieved very little.... worked out my immobiliser has 42 miscellaneous wires so that spaghetti junction is going to give me hell also found out there probably isnt a connector left that legit connects to where it once did, this annoys me but it drives so i don't want to mess with it until its regoed then i can strip it and just wire in whats necessary. I'm waiting on a bunch of parts that i have bought or have a hold on but are still on cars so thats annoying picked up a S15 drivers seat and s14 passenger seat, dont know whether to find a s15 p
  22. if you want wide wheels just get 9s with +40 and a 255 tyre! edit: saw you are hitting coilovers with +25, i ran +20 with stock massive springs and it didnt hit anything, i don't know how +25 would even hit!
  23. Does Mattsport garage do parts pickup when in perth? i could use such a service
  24. im going back to yahoo auctions and egay, less douchebaggery
  25. classic JCPWA, bloke tells you he will hold until Saturday for you and your willing to pay asking price and he undersells you on Friday for $50 extra without even asking if you would have paid the extra, his loss i would have paid a loy more than asking tbh....
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