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  1. Take away the BRIDE logo, take away the JDMohsotiteyo, add on the fact that they're probably not even carbon fibre, but rather an overlay. $400 a seat + $150 for a rail. Does that sound like a good deal anymore? You can get a Sparco fixed-back for that $, a company that actually (1) tested their seats in accordance to relevant crash regulations and (2) have the certifications for it. Think about it. (and LOL at giving you a FIA sticker)
  2. I'll leave this one here to keep Kev motivated (to buy a new 86)
  3. No. RE: Phatboys comment above, Otomoto doesn't stock or get in the rims you have, since the rims you have most likely aren't in production anymore. Unless they're a custom sized set of the new RS-8 style. Don't confuse R-types, which come in sizes of x8+0 at a minimum, with RS-8. This is assuming they're this type: http://auctions.c.yimg.jp/img321.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/users/5/4/7/9/yasuiyo777-img600x450-1326471278p1k4wh3921.jpg Reasonable is ~800 with tyres (tyre dependant of course). They're not worth that much contrary to popular belief.
  4. Your pros for the S14 are pissweak when measured against the pros for the Ford. The fact that you're scared of hurting your modified car means you shouldn't modify cars. In addition, you make reference to a bunch of practical pros of the Ford which just shows you care more about that side. Buy the Ford.
  5. 1. Not Automotive news. 2. Best bet is to call around yourself (JPC etc) because all people can give you is past information, therefore irrelevant for price comparisons.
  6. ARC Looks the sex on Evo's
  7. What are spark plugs? http://www.silviawa.com/forums/index.php?a...ghlite=%2Bspark http://www.silviawa.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2119
  8. Make sure you ship 'em to work so I can steal them.
  9. Can't find anything on Japanese google. So most likely a copy company who uses a Japanese name to try to throw people off.
  10. First day'ers have to bring in Morning Tea. True story.
  11. F**king lol. When's the car going to be on the road again Marshall?
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