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  1. Doubt its got anything to do with tuner andy will get the best out of your engine he's a good tuner, as for the ecu why are you still running afm i thought vipec had a map sensor?? serious but finish the 4 door already
  2. Not sure how similar the 33 is to 32 but i got some serious bindage when i first fitted these to mine. Has to fit offset rack spacers and it still does it when in the air but seems to be ok on ground with weight on it. After my next outing will prob mod the crossmember to move rack forward but see gow it goes first. Easy to dial in sone nasty neg camber with these bad boys ;D. Lookin the goods bro
  3. Anodised balck fuel rail? Looks hot mate keep up the inspiring work!!
  4. getting closer, awaiting tailshaft atm but im 99% sure i will be there cant wait marc got the pig sorted yet
  5. tottally agree dude. now that would be fun hahah
  6. maybe he means putting a ca20 head onto the 18 bottom end hahah surley no one in there right mind would bother.. CA timing belt - SR timing chain hydrolic tensioner.. plus all the oil n water gallerie problems.. poms are tapped aahaah
  7. 5th gear whats up with that?? haah loving the cage man looks killa with those low max brides ill be your passenger any day :lol:L
  8. thats the smartsest thing ive heard anyone say on here for a long time.. on top of that they generally run like police when afm is in cooler piping they dnt like the pressure at all
  9. id get it checked out as i told harry too.. that engine dide make 230odd rwhp in the black car on my dyno which reads accuratly as does the mainline at autosalon.. HOWEVER!!!! when harry crashed the black sil and put the engine into pink bits id only made 140odd, and ran like crap in my opinion. i think that that engine is farked as when he crashed it, it did ripped the sump off the engine (that indicates rather large impact on the engine), im pretty sure that would have damaged at least a couple of mains and possibly big ends, but no knock was present. even with the stock turbo ha
  10. haha nice stich work lol now you need a flipped cooler to make that hole do something lol
  11. did ya get any footage of the white 32 4 door doing entries from the start line???
  12. i have a couple left over from when we used to make kits to suit falcon.s if your interested. even have boost upgrade pulleys somewere.
  13. go same setyp as ichi's cusco's man.. they rock my socks, best coilies i have drifted on to date. getting a similar setup in the 32 but gotta do a bit of testing with the new motor first
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