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  1. They're easy enough to buy and install. I was going to mount it to the end of the cone-like vent underneath the dash where it merges to meet up to the heater. Mount it there and wire it in and you should be all good. Not so much an issue to worry about being defected, more so dealing with a fogged up windscreen in the wet, etc.
  2. With the heater sheet all gone, are you going to just run an electric demister?
  3. Those are some nice pics, are they courtesy of the iPotato? Great rim choice hombre', car looks phat.
  4. Gleeso


    Do elaborate on the visit..
  5. Well, I had no idea you picked it up, Jack. Awesome purchase indeed. Engine bay looks quality
  6. You're a coilpack god
  7. Any reason why you didn't get Luke to weld a 90 degree cast elbow on the turbo to reduce the amount of silicone hose? Also, I'm enjoying the progress.
  8. What rims are you running on this? The ones the rears in the pic?
  9. Needs some 10mm spacers on the rear. I was under the impression that the Grams were light? Making the rim change pointless, unless you just didn't like the look of them.
  10. Thanks man, no way would I deprive myself of getting this thing running. Other things take priority at the moment is all. I'm liking your progress on the '250SX', too.
  11. Not a chat thread. The project is still regoed, my daily isn't, so no need to make any effort for engineering purposes.
  12. I have things that need to be done before I do anymore to this. - Fix daily - Sell daily - Buy another more reliable daily - Let money pile up - Other need to know things Also add: give Zee's indicator lights back Yer, and that too! Once it's re-regoed, I'll take them off straight afterwards.
  13. Think what you want Kyle, but I'm not giving up on this, much like an energizer battery in one of those dildo's you liked so much.
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