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  1. Hooray for powercruise! Was a mission getting the car ready, then sat morning something flicked up and pierced my radiator. Removed it and went hunting for a radiator place in Joondalup to weld it up (huge shout out to Natrad Joondalup!), got it fixed & back in the car only for an oil line to my cooler to split sat arvo. Soldiered on and removed the oil cooler, got it running again Sunday morning and finally got a few laps in. Serviced, un-seized & lubed my old china spec susp arms Extended & boxed LCA's (also added roll-center correction ball joints) Had a slight blow
  2. So a previous owner had cut the rear half of the carpet out and removed the sound deadening in the rear half of the cabin, this meant for next to no performance increase (it's a freakin n/a anyway?) with the bonus of heaps more road noise. I'd often think the passenger window was slightly down, but it was just outside noise entering through holes in the floor. Not to mention the transmission tunnel was one big, permanent heater. Scored an untouched carpet, gave it a good shampoo and dyed it black. Pulling the old carpet, it was a bit wet in the passenger footwell, cue plenty of swearin
  3. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/4/48/DuckTales_(Main_title).jpg/300px-DuckTales_(Main_title).jpg Nutserts are awesome (and another random appearance by Kev)! The less helpful helper Finished product
  4. Cool pic Zee! It's been without spacers & an inch or so higher since the last yellow, still does the job for now though. Will probably find some motivation in the coming weeks to bolt on the 6666 wing and give it a little love.
  5. Good to see the rest of the weekend went smoothly mate, cheers for organising camping & food. Saturday night on the piss was well worth it hahaha. BTW you owe me some hinges
  6. As far as I've heard you can only increase rim width by 2", so silvia would be 8.5-9"... these are 10"s. If anyone can link to actual legislation that'd help!
  7. Holy sheet, who did you annoy/what suburb are you driving around? Was pulled in Scarborough/Claremont/Joondalup, tend to think it's just a run of bad luck rather than anything else just yet. Should probably start thinking about legal rim/tyre alternatives... hard to find a solution that fills the flares though.
  8. Exactly 27 hours after passing, been pulled over 3 times in 9 days now.
  9. ...well that didn't last long hahahaha
  10. Sticker was for tail lights & rims, over the next 6 days I swapped out the 2-way in favour of a more streetable viscous, lights, susp, spacers, rims & a few small things like inner guards, egr stuff, a good degrease etc. Then installed the 32 gtr seats as the fixed-back was also a fixed-rail. Went over the pits exactly a week later 7:30am, the dude commented on how clean it was but picked tint/immobiliser, by 2:30 i'd installed the immobiliser and pulled the tint, by 3pm the yellow was gone & by 6pm I'd reinstalled lights, susp, spacers & rims. First yellow was always goi
  11. Haha no wuckers, pick up tyres and inner guards sometime later this week or ill drop em off on the weekend
  12. aaand she's back to normal again, they did me for immobiliser (have an alarm with remote central locking but it didn't "immobilise" the vehicle) & bubbled rear tint. Inspected in the morning, went and pulled the tint off & installed an immobiliser, passed in the arvo and back to normal before dusk . No pics of the lip as it isn't installed yet, all painted though. Think I'll rivnut it on as I'm worried pop rivets may crack the fiberglass.
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