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  1. On a related note: I am swapping the front hubs on my s13 and need my ABS ring swapping between the old and new hub assemblies. I assumed that any workshop could do it, but have been to 2 now and one outright refused because they didnt sell the hubs, and the other said that it was way too hard to change the ABS ring and I should buy new ones from nissan that they would press on for me. This seems silly. Has anyone got any workshops to do this for them in the past? And yes... I know... ABS is apparently gay but it works well on my car and I don't want to ditch it. Any advice would be gre
  2. Sounds like the ECU might be in limp mode? But I think that usually lets you rev a bit higher than that... Does the car have a consult port? You can plug in a consult to USB adaptor and check for error codes, I have one somewhere that you can borrow and download one of the few free tools kicking round the net. OR Try resetting your ECU by taking all power away from the car and leaving it overnight or draining the power somehow?
  3. Yeah I have considered this option, but I will need one for the s13 as well, and that makes it an expensive venture, and if I'm planning on building a house in the very near future, I don't want to have something like this draining all my funds. On a side note, Have now completely removed HICAS hard lines running to the back end, so that is a lot neater without those giant bits under the car now. Also been cleaning up the floor brace and getting rid of the rusty threads so I can get that installed too. Once the rain stops, all braces and arms will be fitted. Still waiting on Wilwood
  4. Yeah I know.. I won't even get to drive it by the looks of things at this stage... Well i just hope someone is interested enough in it that they want to finish it to the level I wanted to go to. At least it has been a journey Thanks for the support dude!
  5. And for those of you that are following this project... A sad sad thing has happened... I have to move house soon, and will not have room for this project wherever I am going, so this will be up for sale very shortly. I have to finish a few things off and double check all my work, as well as make a full list of the parts currently on the vehicle, any parts known to be missing, and any issues or untested parts. It will come with some sard 550cc injectors, z32 afm, and a nistune board, as well as a full spare exedy clutch and standard flywheel in case the new owner decides they don't like
  6. Sorry if this is a double post, but I'm unsure if I posted pics of the rear bumper finished and installed...
  7. And then next goodie package to arrive contained a little bit of wilwood remote reservoir love This is going to be used for the clutch to let me have a larger reservoir with the Greddy plenum, which sat a little to close to the standard reservoir for my liking, so I thought I'd neaten things up with one of these
  8. Next on the list was a few handling goodies to be fitted...
  9. Guess that I have been slack with my updates again... A few little packages arrived for me from GKTech recently, as well as international destinations
  10. Haha yeah I tend to carry on a bit sometimes Either way, don't be afraid to post any questions you may have about anything and someone is bound to help you!
  11. Here is a pic of mine in a semi-apart state... The fitting at the far end of the fuel rail that has nothing connected is the inlet side of the fuel rail, so this connects to the fuel filter outlet. The black hose at the front end of the fuel rail is the return line to the fuel tank, so this one goes to the hard line down near the fuel filter that goes alllllll the way back to the tank. The blue silicone line at the front is the inlet manifold pressure line that controls the pressure of the FPR, as the FPR in these cars are rising rate, so as boost pressure rises, so does fuel pressure
  12. Can't get a pic uploaded here can you? You sure you aren't talking about the short 4mm vac line that goes between the FPR and the plenum? I'll try and find a pic from my build thread that has how mine is done.
  13. What in particular are you trying to do? I've had experience with a fair bit of DE wiring
  14. Sorry for the blurry pic on this one... but fixed my leak right up. Also note the aftermarket bushes installed
  15. I also had a little trip to Enzed for some fittings, and also to fix the fact that my PS rack was leaking because one of the lines was damaged, so here is the newly bent line (i had to make adjustments when fitting this anyway so this isnt how the line is meant to be bent, but its a little close.
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