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  1. It's impossible, to dislocate the turbo from the manifold without taking the whole turbo assembly off as Crumz has already stated lol Whole job can be done in about 3-4 hours if you don't run into any issues like broken or rusted studs/nuts which you can probably count on happening in which case will take all day So many Aghs Adam
  2. You will do just fine with that kind of attitude mate, welcome to the forums and nice s15.. Hmm.. this is strange, I think I'm getting an image of the engine bay of this car from the future...... http://media-cache-cd0.pinimg.com/736x/e2/d3/88/e2d388bb70570f6dbf106db3a1b76491.jpg No pressure
  3. ozz


    Haha his new wheels are jizz worthy Adam
  4. ozz

    Snapped poncam

    As Shane has already pointed out, incorrect installation causing a hairline fracture which eventually gave way. Bad luck.
  5. ozz

    JS15's 15

    new profec looks sweet, how much was it?
  6. the oxygen and condensation theory sounds highly unlikely lol hard to tell from the pic, could be a valve stem seal
  7. jelly of the power brace and sway bar, also jelly of the hks twin power
  8. haha nice, whats the count on re-welds on that flange now? 4-5? nice power for 98 ron !! that magical td06 making me want to pull apart my head and get some procams cranking :(
  9. ozz

    Car wont start

    Key-way is there for a very good reason, I am somewhat glad the car won't start, fix the crank issue otherwise you are driving a grenade... " I didnt mark the belt or anything when I pulled it apart. I tried in a few positions and got it to a spot that sounds the most normal when I crank it over, but no fire." Who on earth taught you how to setup engine timing by the sound of an engine???? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v688/Isijappanisi/timing.jpg
  10. Did mine today, no adaptor required, just adjustment in-cabin for the handbrake thats it
  11. if you have r33 handbrake cables then it bolts straight up, it did on my s14 so im guessing s15 is the same, ill be doing mine this week also
  12. ozz

    JS15's 15

    my front wheels would look the same if I didn't run as much camber as I am now, #yolo #morecamber
  13. ozz

    JS15's 15

    I also like the wheel/car combo, good stuff.
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