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  1. mate need to give us some pictures with the updates!
  2. killer work dude! always so much attention to detail from you
  3. I will also be there also already entered
  4. a stag in his stagea. hi matt, looking good.
  5. i get confused everytime i see it also lol
  6. Pasini


    i want to do the prac on the 14th i think it is? this brake issue is just sheetting me atm, but should be able to fix it
  7. Pasini


    car got tuned couple weeks back, 399hp/802nm cant complain at all, did a skid the other night but the hydro/brake system is not working right will sort that then its 100% good to go!
  8. jesus that polished up good!
  9. Pasini


    WELL that didint work at all...
  10. Pasini


    youtube embedding craps not working... soo use link lol
  11. funny you should say that! im swapping the windsor for an ls1 auto hahaha frack YOU PURISTS! more k's, a/c, daily and tower. bog stocker tho nothing crazy. I wont be painting this one, have a mate whos going to do full 2pac job for me. undecided... thinking old 50's ford turquoise... http://www.autotraderclassics.com/scaler/632/473/images/b/2012/12/24/67817643/0_DSCF0838.JPG
  12. love fast and loud! blood sweat and beers!
  13. Hi Guys, This was my new current daily until the gearbox shagged itself, unsure if i was going to sell it although decided to keep her! Big plans in the works for next year now the drifter is finished, this will be my daily/tow car. Plans for newer aged drivetrain for some fuel economy and a/c. Will be pulling the cab and tray for a full sandblast of the rails and general tidy up of everything also. http://imageshack.us/a/img822/2920/h2mh.jpg http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/5971/xaaq.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img440/1231/knu4.jpg
  14. very sharp looking car! i like it
  15. you're a firestarter, resisted firestarter
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