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  1. he wants it on pump fuel though im assuming? PS minh, you dardy man
  2. awesome build man, just a shame you went the ITS turbo, they are effing sheet as any tuner and everyone that has been conned into buying one from Roy has discovered. Il soon be sporting a GT35R! Never the less she needs more boost!!!
  3. boost is just 1 clutch kick away
  4. BOMBED! where are you getting it tuned cip?
  5. same thing happened to my mate last week we thought it was f.pump but its not you have blown the fuses under your dash, change them yourself or if you dont know how to get an auto sparky to do it
  6. HOLY SH|T!! your car is looking awesome, every time i sign here it keeps getting better and better!!! i think brians caught the modding-car-over-the-top disease,
  7. okay after beeing effed around 4 a while the engine is finally in http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee295/andrew_427_5T34LTH/17122008021.jpg a bought a couple of mods while its been off the road... Cusco Strutt Brace Whiteline Front and rear heavy duty and adjustable Sway Bars Kazama Castor Rods Cusco Rear Toe Arms Kazama Rear Camber Arms Ikeya Formula Tie Rods Kazama Tie Rod Ends Kazama Aluminium solid sub frame bushes Tomei 4.3 2way diff Garrett GT35R, im effing off that ITS POS Origin Tail Lights thats about all i can remember but im pretty sure theres more ?!
  8. thanks guys, please feel free to lock/delete thread
  9. As the title says im having an argument with a mate.... he has just bought a 180sx type x and he wants to put some drifteks on there, however the springs on the front struts are to big to fit the rim - he however thinks they should go on fine.... Is there anyone on here that can clarify this? PS he isnt after any crazy offset/width rims 17x8 fronts and 17x9 rears are fine (like the ones on Daniels Filthy sileighty) Thanks for all your help
  10. Hey Chris, Nice mod list! how many ponies at the rear? and any pics?
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