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  1. Heard about this, had just read the build thread and Omlette came back from the drifts and told me about it. Massive shame, but hopefully you can get it sorted again and carry on again.
  2. Glen I spent a long time looking for the brand on that wing, I think I finally found an answer but I've forgotten it now. Omlette that's just the group/style of wing, not a particular brand or anything.
  3. Heaps still want this back haha. Good to see some progress man, hopefully it'll be an entertaining build.
  4. Are you planning on trying to get the cam repaired and then carry on with it or just go back to stock cams and buy brand new new cams?
  5. But what if you need those holes for bolts?
  6. Also, no one seems to have noticed, but at some point his dash fell out.
  7. Is it the list from Plebco that has that written on there? I'd almost be tempted to accidentally lose that list due to short term memory damage and then re-attend. You have a list of engineering etc that covers anything that should cause too many issues, and I know a lot of places don't care about clutches. I'm super interested to see how you go in the end man, I've spoken to Omlette before about the lengths you've been to and if you do get it all sorted it'll be nice proof that it can be done if you're determined enough.
  8. Are you booked at Favazzos? This is one situation where I'd almost think going to an actual pits wouldn't be the worst idea. You have all the paperwork through the DPT for the mods and such, and the guys at the actual pits are much less likely to do the whole 'What if' sort of a thing, plus if there's an issue, they can go straight inside and sort it rather than telling you to buzz off and pay more money.
  9. I think it looked better with these TBH. http://i.imgur.com/joD7xF1.jpg Going to buy you the plates WLLYWGN
  10. You chunt those are the wheels I want =P But unlike you I have no money to buy wheels anytime soon so I guess I'll just wait till you get yours and make you an offer you can't refuse in the future. BTW the offer will be my body.
  11. Glad you got it all sorted, what kind of cap did they put on it, just a temporary one to protect it or something more permanent and wrong?
  12. You can get a braided water return line if you want too, I've got all 4 braided since I like to be a little bit fancy and banjo bolts make me cry quiet tears in the dark. From memory the two coolant lines going into the turbo are M14x1.5 threads, so you can get a braided line with -6AN fittings on it, then a male to male -6AN to 14x1.5 adaptor and it'll screw straight in at both ends. Oil I think is 12x1.25 for the feed and I'm not 100% on what the outlet is. Usually it's a smaller line than the coolant. Best bet to get the coolant line sorted would be to take the turbo into Go-Gear and
  13. We got one of the Grams re-painted by Wheel Gleam in Osborne Park, I think he charged $50 to clean it down and do the whole lip and stuff so if you decide you want to get them looked at that's a good option.
  14. Here it is. It's fairly involved so depending on how comfortable you are working on your car you might want to hit up a power steering shop, but beware they will charge you cause it's a custom job. Converting An S13 Rack http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc96/drnenappes/General%20Weeee/P1030590.jpg http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc96/drnenappes/Rally%20Car/P3060032.jpg
  15. Yeah it's called Manualising power steering racks, guys do it in the US a lot it seems because they can't get their KA racks to work with SRs. Do some googling and you should be able to find some walkthroughs pretty easily.
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