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  1. Anyone know what time the comp starts tomorrow? Also how much does it cost? Cheers
  2. sounds like you got out of trouble but read the f##king manual dude. playing round with cars is easy but there are some pretty basic rules to follow.
  3. i asked an ebay seller if the bush he advertised fitted S14 and he said this:see picturehe is wrong, have a look at it. Its not hard to work it out!
  4. I got two just use one then when i take the fuel pump out put the other one in then hang the old one somewhere and it shinks back to good size over time, ready for next swap
  5. f##k i missed out on the last one of these and i'll be away for this one
  6. hang on whos the idiot here?
  7. put a power steering oil cooler on the extra outlet! i will do it to mine one day
  8. ur question doesn't really make sence but in short yes there is a difference the DE has a higher compression ratio ~9:1 and DET is about 10:1 FYI Brenton
  9. A 180xs is an S13, a silvia is also an S13 so ur question makes no sence. I believe it should read, "is the silvia front windscreen same as 180sx front windscreen"
  10. i've been to a couple of these, but i'm starting to think its not worth it. 150 bucks for one night + fuel and other costs makes it a bit expensive.
  11. 1) check your fuel pump plug/wire 2) plug in ur mates sr20DET ECU and see what happens
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