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  1. Screen layout is different, but unit looks the same. Cheers, it's a good starting point :-)
  2. Need instruction for it. Pulled it out, no brand on back. http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f327/PERTHSCOOTER/BDD4172C-2D9F-4862-90D1-9F0668B4858F.jpg
  3. I thought GKTech did them, but can't find it on their website. I want a metal intake pipe to go from my T28bb to a Z32 Maf. I know Apexi do one but its almost $400. Any links to products? Ta Scooter.
  4. What does the climate control need to know how sunny it is for?
  5. Always wondered....... http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f327/PERTHSCOOTER/BD94CE49-C257-47D6-9165-C0EB380BC139-1320-0000032F3B94660E.jpg
  6. What time do we need to be there in the morning?
  7. That interior looks fantastic man.
  8. Just paid the remaining money for my 2 spots ;-)
  9. Just bumping this thread. When do you want the rest of the payment? Cheers Scooter.
  10. ok fair enough. but with that setup you could expect up to around 340hp. Really? Surely you'd be needing stuff like 6boob and ext gate etc etc. mine is just a basic setup (still using stock manifold)
  11. I'm only aiming for 280-290 My old 550's were running 4 bar fuel pressure (instead of the usual 3 bar) and that was pushing 332rwhp no probs
  12. That's all I needed to know. Already got a Z32 one, just making sure it wouldn't be a waste of time fitting it. Cheers Luke.
  13. Planned mods are: GT2860R BC stage 2 cams and springs 555cc injectors Hoping for hp in high 200's Will I need to upgrade to a Z32 afm or will the stock one be ok? Car is 97 Type X Cheers Gurus Scooter.
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