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  1. i have a pair of decent sized vsxx in 17" also in tip top condition.
  2. wind your camber in until the hole lines up, then bolt it up, and re-adjust your camber arm.
  3. haha nice try. you may remember them from this car... http://i641.photobucket.com/albums/uu132/lachlanrb20s13/DSC09554.jpg
  4. 17x9.5 +38 panasport G7 c5c2 17x9.5 +20 Panasport G7 c5c http://i581.photobucket.com/albums/ss257/bil80/20130908_172852_zpsa7016efa.jpg 17x10 +25 SSR professor and another pair in 17x8 +25 17x9.5 +32 Rick racing Feroce 17x11 +20 Austostrada Modena i think ive got a problem.
  5. long time no post. im still lurking around, just havent had time to update. some sheet went down, and this build is pretty much dead for now. was forced to move back home, which meant 180 had to go into storage. really miss having somewhere to work on the car, but i cant spend any money due to trying to save a deposit. i havent forgotten about this build, but it has to take a back seat, until i get a place, hopefully around mid march. i have however, completed the puzzle and got a brand new and genuine type x bumper, just like this. http://www.frsport.com/images/detailed_images/Niss
  6. Sounds like a blown head gasket.
  7. far out man, this is looking good for a "missile"
  8. Jootron

    wtf brakes

    the bolt is meant to be a pivot point. by tightening it youre stopping it from pivoting freely. infact. is it even meant to be a bolt? pretty sure mine was just a rod with a spring clip in the other end.
  9. first of all, dont buy through import monster. you will pay an arm and a leg just in fees. speak to someone like maytech, for a motor and gearbox. 2nd of all, dont buy from CR racing. heard of alot of customer service issues with them, and all theyre sheet is just china. buy local, youll save on shipping. my mount kit is from helps metal works in adelaide, or there is a guy on the jap car parts page on facebook advertising mount kits now. dont bother with wiring specialties, just speak to an experienced auto sparky, they should be able to splice looms for you. try to do as much you can
  10. wheels look good. i have a pair in the same sizes but 5 stud.
  11. you confident you put the cas in correctly? wouldnt be 180 degrees out?
  12. Jootron


    this is don we're talking to. he does what he wants. pointless trying to convince him otherwise. it will be cool whatever he decides to do. as far as choices go, dont go rotor - too unreliable, LS is old hat these days and is quickly becoming the new drift-tek. go for RB or JZ you know what i would choose
  13. Good buy. I was gonna get that front bar. But I dont need 2 lol
  14. Jootron


    swapping drivelines is over rated. i keep clinging to the fact that JZ will be awesome, but in reality i keep thinking what have i done. i had a running and functional car. i could have done 12 or so events by now. i would be lying if i didn't say im kicking myself. just think long and hard about why you're wanting to swap. would you rather keep the motor in and drive as much as possible?
  15. is that a braided vac line? thats fracking homosexual, but kinda cool at the same time.
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