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  1. where you based? can you do it on a weekend?
  2. Yo who can drill a 4x114.3 stud pattern into my s15 rotors? preferably NOR and preferably open on Saturdays... aware that embelton can do it so suggesting them will result in a ban* *may or may not have the power to ban people
  3. what size are the s13 silvia rear speakers? as in will bolt straight in, no modification? char
  4. ahah i am pretty handy with a pole
  5. would be ~$500 give or a take a few hundred depending how nifty you are. but sil80 is oright, but s15 front end is better. i think there is actually one for sale in the parts section. a great buy.
  6. :wub: :wub: please do wezz. nothing a bit (alot?) of fibreglass cant fix. cheers whats all them gizmos on center console? and is that your backyard ?
  7. dim

    Cars = Gay

    yerh if anything it should make about 350hp on the top racing dyno
  8. if we are allowed to do the new track but then link out into the s's and up cred etc it would be awesome.
  9. your pm inbox is full. ill take the rear bar, just pm me when i can come pick it up
  10. nah mine was welded. same sheet though, a good welded diff is the exact same as a mini spool. prob cheaper...
  11. dim

    roof lip

  12. nah that wasnt me. i havnt been to whitfords in many many years. nor would i slide around during peak traffic on the road.
  13. cheers. yeh its got a a bit more stuff now and mroe power. i am just to lazy to update the thread.
  14. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/52mm-alloy-aluminum...1QQcmdZViewItem thats the one
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