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  1. Correct as above, twin scroll She got wet today, bay post. http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resizes/S15/DSC_1657.jpg?m=1428751710
  2. Resurrection of Pasini from the dead! Thanks mate. First post of the build thread updated with photos and the full mods list! Funny reading how this was intended to always be a daily, may have gotten a bit out of hand however this is still the intention! That's until the temptation of importing an S110 Silvia becomes too much... This is by no means a perfect or showroom build, there are small imperfections in the paint, small dings or scratches here and there as with most cars, but overall I'm definitely happy and it's great to have it finally all the one colour. Time to enjoy it now on th
  3. Continuing on from the previous update, Missed photo, modified front pods / fender spats to suit the Type-X front end, front lip was also extended in length: http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resizes/S15/DSC_0882.JPG?m=1428108722 Obviously this was at Goodies for those who have been around long enough, paint down in his fully custom spray booth: http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resizes/S15/DSC_1150.JPG?m=1428108720 Ready for fitment http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resizes/S15/DSC_1163.JPG?m=1428108729 Nearly there... http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resi
  4. Yeh sorry guys, motor was stuffed so I took it on as a project to fix up, but saving the kit for bigger things. OEM and full NAVAN legacy will continue, just not on this car (not in a position to keep this car as well).
  5. Milestone update, gave her a long and proper drive for the first time in a year, unfortunately a coolant leak has developed in an awkward place, otherwise all good! This is currently happening: http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resizes/S15/10934442_10153074990777764_1837946691_n.jpg?m=1421409976 In exchange for my services: http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resizes/S15/DSC_0996.JPG?m=1421409920 Identity to remain anonymous. Definitely taking my wiring experience to a whole new level with this, almost making me want to re-do the s15 to the same level, but that involves a l
  6. Sorry for the lack of updates, I've managed to find a few days this week to put in to the car! Re-function tested all my wiring before putting in conduit, last thing I want is to find a problem when the car is reassembled. http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resizes/S15/DSC_0758.JPG?m=1417784273 The main loom running to the fuse and relay box in the boot: http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resizes/S15/DSC_0747.JPG?m=1417784273 Conduited, http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resizes/S15/DSC_0750.JPG?m=1417784274 Selection of carpet, JDM on the left, ADM on the right (not
  7. If you want to be serious with the VG Box and best kit available on the market... http://www.silviawa.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=72571 It's still available
  8. I'm 6'5" and need Bride super low rails (used with a Bride Brix 1.5) which gives me good head clearance (non-sunroof s13), I sat too high with any other cheap seat/rail combination. With a helmet on and if I sit up straight the helmet hits the roof. Unavoidable really, just need to slouch in the seat a bit when wearing a helmet.
  9. Beautiful mate, great work on such a clean S14!
  10. For what a lot of people here want, I'd say driving straight is what you want very little of.
  11. Haha good to keep everyone happy. Whilst those 2 or 3 photos of the Bee*R S15.80 in Japan were my inspiration, I agree the Type-X front end just flows that much better. The front bumper was always make or break for this; toyed around with a few different ones, thought I had settled for the genuine J-Blood front bumper however it just didn't work, had to make the call to import a genuine Type-X bumper through Maytech which took a few months to arrive. Just realised, it was September last year when this build started. Whilst a year is a long time I'm definitely happy with the work that's hap
  12. I promise to you all it will progress to being one colour Unlike my old S13. I'm a huge fan of the current factory blue, thinking I'll keep this colour but add a flake to give it something extra. Extra pic for post. http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resizes/S15/DSC_0495.JPG?m=1410675412
  13. I enquired in to the rating of the inner portion of the sleeve and they still recon it's fine up to bullsheet temperatures, so I'm hoping it should be fine, we'll find out! Trial and error. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, the one you all want! S15.80 photos. But first, the story. Credit to Crazy Lukes Speed Shop. Commence photo dump, from the start of this year to where we are now. http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resizes/S15/dsc_9822.jpg?m=1410591996 http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/r
  14. I ended up mounting the charcoal cannister at the front of the fuel tank, it's clear of the tailshaft and exhaust: http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resizes/S15/DSC_0398.JPG?m=1409639127 Unfortunately the twin gates are extremely close to the rubber A/C line with the silver protective sleeve: http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resizes/S15/DSC_0413.JPG?m=1410587958 Purchased some 40mm high temperature fire-proof sleeving for the screamer pipes to protect the A/C line, bent it away slightly too: http://www.hiscomputer.net/gallery/var/resizes/S15/DSC_0416.JPG?m=1410587959 Cal
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