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  1. Nice work munners. That dash is well and truly 'flocked'.
  2. Looking great munners, but then I do have a not so secret fetish for over fenders. Looking forward to the updates.
  3. Who's "they" in this context? Police or pits? The HID only in WA is hard to fathom.
  4. Thanks but doesn't really help with my predicament. And for those searching the 'Blits' website is http://www.blitsbodykits.com.au/
  5. Hahaha, no seriously SILLBEER is yellow free (touch wood). It's for a car we're considering for my wife.
  6. OK, thanks for that. I'm looking at another car that has had a widebody conversion done similar to Sillbeer, but it's interstate at the moment and not sure if I want to bother if it's not going to get over the pits. I may just print out some photos and specs on it and take down to the tech section and ask the questions on whether or not it would get a big fail on the body.
  7. Do you need to purchase the ADR's online? I can't find a download link anywhere.
  8. So what's the deal with fibreglass front guards (full replacement) and fibreglass rear guards (overlay with original body modified professionally for tyre clearance)? I've read the Vehicle Standards Bulletin 14 regarding fibreglass guards and in section 2.7 is says non-intrusion panels are ok, then in section 4.3 they say only pre 1971 vehicles can have them replaced. I assume that as per usual this is all still open to interpretation by the inspector on the day? (no this isn't regarding my car - well at least not in this case). Anyone able to shed any further light on it?
  9. Ok, just got tyre size off an R33 GT-R space saver wheel which is T145/70D17 - quite a great deal bigger than the T125/70D15 in the S13. So diameter is 634.75mm (24.99 inches) and circumference is 1994.41mm (78.52 inches).
  10. Some info on this post regarding modifying the rear outside tab. http://www.sillbeer.com/blog/entry/...and_...o_in...and_out/
  11. Sweet. Appreciate you checking for me. OK, so that makes the diameter of the tyre 556mm (21.890 inches) and the circumference is 1,747mm (68.769 inches). So if I want to fit a 17inch space saver wheel from an R33 GT-R (which I still need find out the size of) so that I have spare to fit over the Brembos, I need to match those figures, otherwise the spare won't fit into the spare wheel well. Getting nervous of just have a 'tyre-in-a-can' as my backup.
  12. Could someone please confirm the size of the tyre fitted to an S13 space saver spare wheel. I believe that it might be T125/70D15, but need confirmation. Thanks Brendan
  13. Hi Yannick, will be at this weeks monthly cruise. If you're there, come say g'day.
  14. Not sure it would work on a rear bar like the Vertex. I think you'd need to be running a stock rear bar for the diffuser to have the correct look.
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