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  1. Car progress is looking good! Sounds great for a cammed sr. You did miss out on a cat pic this post... kinda disappointed.
  2. Im so fracken jellous i couldent be there. Jake (white 14) said he had an absolute blast over the weekend, did you guys battle or something, i think he said you were doing tandems? Im a little annoyed he lost my custom numberplate holder from my car trailer....instead of putting it in its mount, he cable tied it and it fell off on the way to barbs. So somewhere there is this blue thing with some lights and my trailer number plate on it. wahhhhhhhh We were pitted next to each other. Battled a few times with Jake...was awesome fun. Glad he won most improved driver!!
  3. Such a great weekend. Killed 16 tyres all up. Car drove back into the shed so thats a mega win..got to link barbs a heap of times...and also spin out just as many times. Had a blast.. BDA5 was killer
  4. Couldn't get the car started after doing a clutch....for some reason the ecu died...sourced one with 3 hours to go before being at the track. Killed 8 tyres tonight...actually got some solid runs in...then beached it pretty well. Car is holding up! Cant wait for tomorrow.
  5. 38 entries into BDA when i called yesterday! Going to be a sweet event. Got my clutch done tonight. Need to measure up and get a catch can line made..and change oil/filter. Might even get time to give it a clean and clear out the rubber in the guards before saturday evening!!
  6. A week to go. Still have to change the clutch and get flywheel machined, install catch can, get braided line made up and get tyres mounted on wheels. Also a give it an oil/filter change while im at it. Anyone else entering?
  7. You can...but it was mentioned that your paying the same amount anyways. You can't just rock up either so get your entry form in asap!
  8. Sunday isn't just comp.. there is a course on the infield going on sunday. If your going to enter...your paying the full amount...may swell use the whole weekend!
  9. Is anyone else entering in Barbagello Drift Assault 5? 25th & 26th of June. Just dropped my form off and paid this afternoon! Got a few things to do before the car is ready...but got 20 tyres to kill if the car lasts all weekend. Keen to create some tyre clouds and attempt battling others for the first time. To drive your going need a WASCC membership : $285 Also going to need a Level 2 Speed Cams Licence: $125 Drift Battle Entry Form 2016 BDA Supplementary Regulations GET KEEN FOR SKIDS!!!!
  10. Neither of those work for me as i dont have facebook. Im yet to get any decent pics of my car is all.
  11. Did your photography mates get any good pics, Unknown?
  12. I seen you roll through pitlane and wondered if you passed training. Good stuff man. You coming again next practice? Its a full day prac on saturday then a comp on the sunday. (In place of a BDA) Im in a similar boat in regards to turbo but im considering a new 35r or 6262. Gotta chat with wtfauto this week.
  13. That was mad fun. Re-entered the training pad after they requested i re-train worked out well. Got off the training pad within 2 attempts. Driftkhana taught me well. Three runs on the track after a fair few years and i had the hang of v8 race onwards. Ended up actually genuinely linking the whole track by the end of the night. Killed 3 pairs and still have 40% left on the 4th pair. So much fun. Can feel the changes i need to make to the car now aswell. Huge rubbing on the castor arm at just before full lock. Who else drifted? How did your night go??
  14. Im sure there is a limit to how bad it can be before they cancel...but i cant imagine they will cancel due to tonights weather.
  15. Fridays weather: Mostly sunny morning. Medium (60%) chance of showers in the afternoon and evening.
  16. Changed oil this evening. Got some tyres to get changed over on my other set of wheels. Collect my newly purchased trailer Thursday arvo. Skids!
  17. With a d1wa matsuri coming up..normally drift pracs are quiet with numbers...meaning lots of track time.
  18. Will be down in my non-silvia. RE: cages..... I've been discussing with a few people in regards to this. (cams approved bolt ins/ jap cages/weld in) Getting a genuine black and white reply soon. I need to decide if I'm going to commit to drifting longer than this coming season or not...hence wether getting a cage or not is on the to do list. Not keen on investing 5k+ on a weld in/custom made item...if a 2.5k bolt in will suffice for what i want to do,
  19. LSx is an amazing swap to experience. But not for anywhere near 3k to do it. Are you going to run the same boost/go for the same power level with the added bonus of knowing your engine is more capable of handling it? Or going to push the new motor alittle more for some power/torque gains?
  20. DJ84WA


    Work got busy. Left car for awhile. Took part in 4 tv reno shows. Decides to save bulk coin. Another car came about over a 11 minute phone call and a flip of a coin. Parting out this car and saving shell for future stuff. New car is drift ready. Will skid good.
  21. DJ84WA


    Keen to see some update pictures!
  22. I hope you have invested into a Gerni/Karcher for getting rid of all that mud. We made a flex ramp to help with cleaning the underside after mud/quarry runs. Looking forward to seeing what else you have planned with this!!
  23. Mounting a JZ...easy. Everything after that is costly (and the current issue... time consuming ) LS/Rb swap will mean you will start and finish the conversion within the same year/decade. My build thread is pretty much what not to do in regards to swapping a JZ engine.
  24. Will be navigating with Brent again in the PSA S15. Its 10$ to spectate and 20$ to passenger/navigate. Had a bucket of laughs last round.
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