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  1. Apply for all your permits(cooler, rad, exhaust etc) via DPI, whatever they knock you back on go and see an engineer. Complete engineers requirements then enjoy hassle free driving for the sake of 1000 or so dollars. Should see the wad of paperwork they send when you Toyota a Nissan shell. That is when headaches come into play.
  2. While its getting touch ups perhaps a few little extras could be accumulated... pods, skirts, gandors, ducktail roof wing, Looks 100% better in pictures to date than it's previous ducksheet green hahahah!
  3. hs, lol. Marsh plz lol. Munt only wants the best, sequential is where his money is going to be.
  4. http://www.holinger.com.au/sg.php Well let us pesants see the s14ve's box receipt #6speedisthebestevrboy
  5. Personally having had actually driven both, (all be it not in a silvia for the z33), I'd still go a z32box over either of the other choices. The way they have frack all throw, connect up solid and you can man straight through the gears on full noise is wonderful, Loves abuse. Rb box is still fine, know of plenty surviving behind way worse than "many hp" sr's around and considering you can buy a bashed up z32/r33 for $1500 odd, hock off parts and get a new box out of it, why bother dicking about importing and all that, do one cut and shut and swap the belhousing. There's always going to be
  6. Cameron is running my old 33r rims which were on two 180s before he got to them. They fit fine 90% of the time however tien ss coilovers seem to foul them so a small slip on up front is some times necessary
  7. From what I've read, if your not going to put cost wise, what went into the turbo (effectively), to the setup, tuning and finer detail of using a efr then you may as well go to a standard run of the mill garrett/precision/kinga/trust. http://blog.perrinperformance.com/borg-warner-efr-7163-test-and-tune/ in saying that not many would venture this far into a turbo like this on a sr without something to prove. http://www.nissanroadracing.com/showthread.php?t=4971&page=8 have a read...
  8. No wukkas on the wallet drainage, via my browsing skills or lack there of. Just couldn't be letting nice14 stuff go to s14 plebs.
  9. Have heard of the injectors blocking due to an e85 issue a few times now and have read somewhere that there may be some partial blame on Adr fuel neck fillers that are fitted to all vehicles not made in Australia due to Adr requirements on rapid fill refueling. Apparently some of these filler necks are siliconed in by the manufacturers/importer and the e85 breaks down the silicone thus sending it towards the tank Might be worth having a gander. Also on the wheels front, looking good but a little less stretch and some tire width may really be the finishing touch this car/colour combo ne
  10. Man your wheel collection. My Dear Goodness! Looking forward to reading updates on this more often!
  11. Rears are all the same 4 bolt bearing. Only differences are the skyline r32,33,34 ones (drum hand break mount) and gtr32,33,34 bearings ( bigger I.D and left and right aren't universal)
  12. Probably because your failing to understand Jarrrrrrrrrrrred wants to track, not drift. I personally can't see any reason to go a nitto semi over any of the other renown sports ( Hankook, Toyo, Brigdestone, nexen, yoko etc etc) tyres unless a very very good price, but see how he goes. After all he does have to get them hot enough somehow however...
  13. Hate to say the people you've been listening to are telling lies but yes abs and non abs hubs are in fact different. cbf looking up fast for the exact part number but fr says it all. http://www.frsport.com/Nissan-1135-OEM-Front-5-Lug-Hub-Assembly---S14-240SX-Non-ABS_p_60060.html http://www.frsport.com/FRSPORT-1170-Nissan-OEM-Front-5-Lug-Hub-Assembly---S14-240SX-ABS_p_60061.html Bearings are the same but the ring and all that jazz is the issue hence the whole some s13/14 5 studs go on piece of piss, others don't. Want my 2c. frack the abs off all together as it's a primitive version of
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