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  1. Those rims are epic man Solid build
  2. Basically I've stopped posting in this thread and instead decided to try doing a vidoe build thread. I'm not good at video's but I thought I would have a play on YouTube, so I got a Youtube channel now and am posting updates and stuff on there. If your keen to have a look and provide me with feedback click here -> https://www.youtube.com/user/DrEmceeZy The progress on the 180 is really slow, as I've progressed and gotten the whole drift bug thing cheers
  3. Holy crap...thats baller power. I remember picking up some injectors from you a while back and seeing the engine on a stand, good to see it done man. Top work dude.
  4. Just hammer man Hit the cast bit not the ball joint..if you hit hard enough itll pop out...just leave the nut in one or 2 turns
  5. We're not the slightest bit scary in real life...its only a forum façade
  6. They leave because we're apparently wierd.
  7. Oh hell yeaa. I knew you'd quit the 86 life
  8. Do black PS.I like that lip
  9. Good read. Glad you finally ended up with a decent car Come down to the Wednesday cruises and say hello
  10. Love this thing haha It's so rough, seems like a sheetload of fun though.
  11. -ZEE-

    Alternator dead?

    Well done man, glad it was a nice simple issue. What sort of modification did you need to do to fit the s14 alternator?
  12. -ZEE-

    Alternator dead?

    While running check the voltage at the alternator. If you have aligator clips and a multimeter I'd leave it on for a bit and monitor the charge rate while switching on high beams, blower motor and just see what changes you have in charge. 12v is really low. For an s13 I expect 13.8v at the battery while running with no.loads and about 13.5 with loads (that's what I've seen on s13's. Make sure you give it a rev before reading the voltage as I find the old alternators sometimes need to be 'excited' before charging, hence the whole dim dash lights when you first start start the car at nigh
  13. I'm so excited to see the engine side of things complete...
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