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  1. Embelton Engineering had a 400hp s15 in drift, for 3 years? Or did they buy one that did? Running no bov, has no impact on your car what so ever..
  2. I has one its in my sig...
  3. I ran a Yashio Factory oversized Water Pump Pulley on my drift car years ago. It was great as over 6,000RPM bubbles are formed reducing cooling effectiveness. However in the pits after a hard run i had to keep the engine at 1000+rpm to keep everything flowing around to cool. So back to slowing things down for the street.. its not worth it man.
  4. Hey, Have you checked the timing with a light? Also search on how to check your TPS with a multimeter. What wiring loom did you use or how did you wire it in?
  5. pop the bolts back in, but not tight, the bolts should have a gap. Then with the hammer hit the bolt heads
  6. Easiest way which i have done many times before and has never failed. Is to clean the o-ring, cut it square with a sharp stanely knife, then put it back in and cut the excess off. once you have the right size o-ring join it with some good quality super glue (loctite). This is the same way when u buy a custom o-ring kit
  7. I do plates to suit the VG conversion, pm if interested
  8. mmm beer muahaa, on a serious note how is the main bolt structure going, last time i inspected it, it looked like it might need some reinforcements. so dont stress out if it breaks
  9. well its really depends what engine you have to order the right clutch. You can adapt a rb box to an sr but you would still use a sr clutch.
  10. gotta love the marks it leaves on the fly, i did this back in 03 http://i56.tinypic.com/2ahs5tl.jpg
  11. hey have a seach for VCT rattle on here
  12. Well i took the car for a spin expecting it to be laggy and low on torque but after give it some. It was as good as it was, or better!! Now that the vct is removed, its lost about 20hp in mid range but has gained it back up top. wish we could keep the vct but for the hassles just aint worth it. Car still spins up 2nd gear on a straight when u bog it down. so it aint low on power. still very responsive and edging to get out at barbs muahahhaa Anyways thx to Andrew @ hyperdrive, Finally no more missfires :D:D
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