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  1. So im having a photo shoot done tommorow night. Its gona be japanese theme so was thinkin a set of those fake jap plates would go a treat. If anyone has got some for borrowing or can buy them before night time let me know. Thanx jonny.
  2. Actually took it to my friends workshop to pass pits and still failed. Like i said car has been of the road for 6 months already fixing other things, duno the car was gona be used for track next year neways... I think i will have to sink a fair bit more money into it of which i dont have to get it back. I left full list at the pits. Mite c if i can get it back. Ps how am i gona mask the cams without removing them and car idle keeps boucing round too they want fixed! .... Tps maybe?
  3. Yeah i know right! With the building of my new garage and finishing of house and work commitments cant find nemore time to make this legal. Its already been off road for 6 months! To name a few probs my stock rear struts are leaking, oil leak at front of engine front crank seal (minor weep), rear seat belt covers missing and 1 jamming occasionally, left window switch faulty, exhaust rattles, idles roughly... Cams? Haha. Theres more but u get the idea. Thort this will pass first go but the extension runs out today, so im done with it.
  4. Its not all really that bad its the amount of stuff i have to do that i dont have time for...
  5. After a sheet load of work put in by myself, aza and his brother i have taken the car to the pits only to have it refused ( suprising.... Not!) and with a huge list of things to make it even more standard, i have decided to make it a full deregisted track pig!! Hopefully i will keep modding so i can keep this thread open... Peace yall.
  6. Thats the plan. Seen two s13s given it heaps yesterday, made me sad to not be in 1!
  7. Can u get car enginneered without goin to pits straight away? So if i get yellowed again i can show them the papers and then have it permitted?
  8. Yeah sounds good buddy! Lets get it terrorizing the streets again.
  9. Nah im gona get it on the road this time, all im saying is when ( bcoz these no if) i get yellowed again i will have gone so far with the car it will be irreversable. But for the moment i will try get it back to the streets. Nothing that hard bought what they picked just worried bout some things... Aka s15 conversion??
  10. Nah scottie no permits. Apparently can take 3 months to come back with an answer, also NOT going to welshpool they are not letting ne1 over for any less than 3 visits! Going to a friends workshop to get passed.... Hopefully. I think car will once again return to crazy spec once passed pits, but yellowed again will be tracked... Duno well see.
  11. Thanx man. Robbie is correct IF u cant drive for sheet! .... Me haha!
  12. Robbie extension yes and aza hahah i was already gona do that and robbie talked me out of it.
  13. So still have not taken my car to pits! Still workin on it. It was so illegal! Haha Neways pretty close now just need 2 put intake back on, get a hood, plumb gate, fit stock spring/ shocks and fit stocker exhaust back. Ive also just ordered the new WIDER fenders and got a grex oil filter relocator kit. Cant wait to get it back and go for a hack!
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