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  1. Got a printer? Print off the sheets needed for the job at hand. Throw them away once done. Some genuine ones do come up cheap on ebay but not that often
  2. Perhaps they are auditing Autopower. I would contact them
  3. You can have it. Ill never reuse it, because they have a tendency to crack once removed
  4. Remove it and take it to enzed, CCR or someone that makes up oil / coolant lines and get a flexible one made up. If not, i have one that was removed from my 15 when i went flexible lines you can have. Im not back in Perth until Thursday though.
  5. So first off a bleed of the clutch system, ill replace the slave while im at it. Ive messaged Luke to see if he's interested in having a look. Anyone selling a Z32 box? Thanks again everyone for your input, its greatly appreciated
  6. Do you mean the adjuster at the pedal? If so, i have adjusted that. When I got the car back, the original disengage point was when the pedal was almost to the floor. I raised it a couple of inches to within OEM spec per the manual.
  7. Well ... there is the moving disengage point. When driving, the disengage point will slowly creep up. Which I believe should be the slave cylinder. I have a new one, just havent fitted it. Know of someone trustworthy I can take it to? My issue with this is I dont really want to drop more cash on a lost cause.
  8. I dont see it as being rude at all. Also the person responsible for this fubar was once on this forum and isnt any more. So ill let loose The Z32 box has the bellhousing mod. No adapter kit. Runs an OS Giken STR twin to suit an S14. Not sure what throw out bearing was used, but i know the fork pivot was modded to suit. The clutch engages and disenges fine. The issue is the remote shifter. They tried to fabricate a bracket and fracked it so much, or it was too hard and decided to fit it directly to the chassis. Let me repeat that. The remote shifter was bolted directly to the transmission t
  9. You know, i started to type it all out. But it just pissed me off even more than I already am. I just want that box gone. If no one in Perth has done this, ill just have to throw an S14 box into it. Cheers
  10. Hi Ladies and Lads, After leaving my car to wallow in its self pity for long enough, ive decided I want to remove the piece of sheet Z32 box. I have a few options, but the Z33 appears my best, albiet not the cheapest. The Z32 box has been a serious source of pain for me. I had it rebuilt, installed and its never done what its meant to. So out of all my options, one of them is an Z33 conversion. My question to the SilviaWA community is this. Anyone know of a business in Perth which has successfully, fitted, installed and ran a Z33 6 Speed box into either an S14 or S15. If so who. Does t
  11. Considering you're a fellow nerd, ill help you. Download the S15 workshop manual. Its a Nissan released PDF. Before asking how to do something, refer to the manual. This will not stop you from needing to ask questions but it will greatly limit the amount of questions you need to ask.
  12. Are you certain your Z32 is maxed @ 320hp? I am under the impression the RB25DET AFM is maxed at 320 while the Z32 is around 500 .. That aside, good numbers for psi. Grats
  13. Black 15

    re -tune

    How does it drive though? You have 394nm of Torque. Thats the same as a standard R34 GTR .. 302 Boss 'stang from 1969 or a 1984 350 Corvette. Not bad for a four banger in my opinion.
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