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  1. nistune needs air flow meter so itbs would be a no:(
  2. did your car used to be ca? i always thought it was for that as ca run a low impedance injector. i dont actually know the answer but if you unplug it itll either not run or it will run and you can ditch it
  3. You're going to have to get angry and bend it back into position. id say the one you got got tweaked on removal/storage. they move a long way before any damage occurs and you dont have far to go.
  4. did you rotate it by hand? you wouldnt be able to turn it over if they were touching
  5. I'm down. i really should do something. low numbers sort of put me off a bit and I got busy. I'll message you tomorrow regarding stuff zee
  6. if youre asking if they interfere. yes they do. you should be able to find the point all 4 cylinders are at halfway though and the cams should turn freely
  7. I'm assuming you have enough oil? You can buy new gears. Its also possible the pickup is blocked/the pickup is loose or broken gasket.
  8. Can probably do it for a similar price so you shouldnt be out of pocket if any. Have done a few before so its easy enough
  9. Mine did something similar when the fuel pump got blocked (bosch 040) and also when i melted the tip of a spark plug
  10. 1 hunnid percent not radiators fault. i melted a plug because my injectors are frackheads. no temperature rise either just bam, out of cat corner pinned 3rd and suddenly sans power and sans spark plug electrode
  11. babowwwwwwww. running a bit hot heyyyy. at least youll have it sorted quickly
  12. sadly there is always a trade off. it would 1 hunnid percent be the bushes
  13. if you bridge it it will always be on when the key is on ignition, basically it is no longer controlled by the ecu. if youre getting 12 to one of those pins it means there is a break between ecu and relay. i guess yeah ecu swap and see. i have heard of it happening. fyi. it will run always when ignition is on but not alll the time like when its off. just dont leave it on ignition when the car isnt running
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