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  1. Pheijei

    Sunroof rust

    At the moment it's slow but its noticeable with bubble forming around the sunroof. Will welding on a sheet of metal cause it to crack later on from stress ? I'm leaning towards transplanting a roof skin if the cost is within reason. Would you happen to know anyone reputable ? Yeah i figured that one out when at d1wa constantly hitting the roof even with a bride rail haha.
  2. Pheijei

    Sunroof rust

    Is there any way of getting rid of sunroof rust with a s13 ? I have had it removed before but it keeps reappearing. Is it worth finding a non sunroof skin and getting a shop to do the transfer ? Or perhaps just reshell ?
  3. Hey guys i an currently after a set of company/brand which sells a complete or almost complete set of Polyurethane bushings for the S13 So far i have found RS*R http://www.frsport.com/RS-R-77-N010-D1-Spec-Polyurethane-Energy-Bushing-Kit-Nissan-S13_p_1310.html Energy Suspenion http://www.energysuspensionparts.com/7.18106 and Super Pro http://www.mphcustoms.com/shop/product.php?id_product=97 (which looks like ill need to buy a couple of different bushings sets) Which would be the best to go ? so far im leaning towards RS*R / Energy Suspension or if you guys know any other company that doe
  4. Yes they are fouling on the collars, i guess spacers for a while then don't even want to think whats going to happen when im going to run Negative 15 offset on the front haha
  5. Hey im just wondering what is causing this issue, im currently using: PBM coilovers, 17 x 9.5 + 17 XD9's and they are fouling (only on the front) would this be the offset of the wheel causing the fouling ? I'm currently running slip on spacers to deal with it at the moment, was just wondering if there was any way to rectify this besides raising the car. Cheers,
  6. Those are some nice spacers zee *cough*
  7. Tomei Ti are around 1.1~ 1.2k or maybe go for a Reinhard Exhuast system, Jesse streeter does cheap and good shipping (Y) generally should be about 5-7 days for it to reach you
  8. Dang 600 haha, do know anywhere else that sells racks besides Nissan ? Looking the choices right now i'd go for the same P:
  9. Hey guys, iv had my power steering leak for a while, not sure if this is the correct section but anyways. Just wondering would it be better to replace the whole thing or getting a rebuild kit, currently its not leaking that bad i have just been topping it up every now and again. Cheers
  10. Pheijei

    Boot leak

    Cheers guys, ill give it a go sometime soon. Have checked and it is the lights not having a proper seal.
  11. Pheijei

    Boot leak

    Hey guys i have started to see some water start to accumulate in the trunk of my s13, mostly in the spare wheel well. Also i don't have a spoiler so i can take that out of consideration, would it be from my tail lights ? would Nissan sell any replacement seals for them? Cheers, Chee
  12. Almost like my brothers one, except he has Tec Arts. Keen to see it finished!
  13. Ill give it a go when i have access to the car Instead of knocking it around, we got a new de-cat pipe made but instead of it being completely straight its angled and everything fits fine now !
  14. It's a bummer it sounds great except the rubbing/hitting, ill probably try and get someone to cut and reangle the exhaust
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