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  1. I have had the same issue... i sent you a PM
  2. Liquid nitrogen or dry ice.. You can get dry ice from boc stores.. ( take a esky )Costs about $10-12 a kg,comes in pallet form,I brought about 10 kg's and it was more than I needed but it looks cool bubbling in your pool. I would put a handful of pallets on the Area of sound deadening and then wait 5 mins for it to freeze the glue, then I'd use a old flat head screw driver and a hammer.. Freeze right sell liquid nitrogen and the guy that runs it will help you out with instructions..
  3. tangawang


    nice buy.. my mate built that car up from scratch. http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/47985...street-fighter/
  4. Check out the facebook group in perth.. " perth huffy sliders" 100+ members
  5. http://www.driftwa.com.au/forum/ You will find all the answers you need
  6. Will s14/s15 sr20det braided lines fit onto a s13 sr20det... gktech sent me the wrong ones
  7. LOL Sorry forgot that people on other forums probably don't understand my weird humour. Justace cruise rules are basicly the same as a silwa cruise Your welcome to drive how you want to between meet points ( with in reason ). we just ask you calm down around meet point's so we dont draw to much attention. ^^ This type of sheet is what we want to avoid so dont worry your car won't get bricked
  8. Justace cruise When:saturday 29/1/2011 Time: 12:30 pm meet 1:00 pm leave Where: 39 pilbara st welshpool Open to all cars A full tank is a good idea dangerous driving ect = brick through your window + a visit from pc plod
  9. S13/180sx stock suspension stock exhaust ( from cat back ) What i want BEER and/or $$ so i can buy BEER
  10. Take it back to Ian Diffen! They ruined your studs so they should be the ones to fix them
  11. Also whats the deal with aftermarket coilovers??
  12. Whats the deal with guages on the " A pillar "?? cop told me that they are not allowed period!
  13. go to paceway mitzi...i hear that they had about 200 uninsured cars with hail damage [email protected] my work we have tonnes of low balls coming in one guy came in and offered 20 g for a hsv clubspot lol
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