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  1. Maybe a dark face gauge would better suit it?
  2. Woah that looks nice! Much better than the Rota's!
  3. Haha we've all done it
  4. Have you checked the transmission crossmember? I know there's 3 types, stamped with either an A, B or C, but I can't remember which one is the correct one to use, but I think they're also swapped when an auto to manual conversion is done.
  5. Put a set of Weisco/CP slugs in it? Prob be half the price, and no wait. That's not JUN, get outta here with that noise.
  6. aww yiss, those wheels look so much better, you should run them, just needs a touch skinnier tyre. also, saddened about the Topstage lip
  7. Grab a straight edge and check to see if the filler neck is square.
  8. How much closer is this to driving Blair?
  9. This is awesome! Car has been around for years, and I'm glad to see after its multiple owners, that it's finally been sold onto someone that wants to put a little love and care into it, instead of sitting in someone's backyard as a crumpled beer can.
  10. Are you gonna rebuild that steering rack or just put it in? What are you gonna do with the old one?
  11. Ahhhh dude, congrats! Also lol at cat face!
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