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  1. Here is a current pic of your old 180 to take back to NZ with you, where the 180's are way less cool Sorry to hear you are leaving, Have a good trip mate.
  2. The wiring for the S13's actually goes like this: Gearbox Speedo Sensor >> Dash Speedo >> Output to ECU The gearbox sensor is a reluctor type sensor that only has an earth wire and a signal out wire, which connects directly to the dash. The signal output is a sine wave AC type signal, which drives the speedo itself, and the circuitry in the speedo itself actually rectifies this signal itself to output a square wave logic level output to the ECU. The rectified signal is what you are tapping into with the RSM, so it would stand to reason that if your Speedo does not work, but R
  3. Consult to BT is a pretty simple device really as most BT have the ability to run in SPP (serial port profile) and generally have the SPP stack in built. The Roving Network RN42, which I have used, is a good example. With SPP, connecting a PC is pretty much the same as a regular serial consult cable - except for one major BUT. BT being wireless has delays switching from TX to RX and so forth, which is OK if you are streaming data in one direction only, so not too much of a drama for logging, but with things like NIStune it is hopeless. Causes massive delays and disconnects due to delays while
  4. Always good to see people innovating in this area! I have plenty of experience with this stuff on an electronics level, as I have been working for a couple of years on a side project involving comms to many different ECU platforms using CAN, UART, ODBII and Some OBDI protocols in an attempt to streamline the data into my own protocol for information & logging purposes via tablet device (android only at this stage) connected with bluetooth with SPP. It is pretty slow going at times due to the monumental amount of coding and learning I have had to do. I have a semi operational device that it
  5. GTX 35 is gonna make good numbers on a 26 regardless, .82 will start to choke around 550, so dunno if you would call it "big" number. Will give it heaps more punch than a 1.06 tho, which would be a lot more linear, but could probably push out to 700 odd before running out of turbo.
  6. Awwww yeah, nistune flex fuel goodness This is going to be an awesome project.
  7. My recommendation for a gt30 turbine would only be the 76 compressor, if you want to go with the 71 compressor, pair it with the gt28 sized turbine. Gt3076 on Marshall's car I don't think is really laggy at all, but could be better with slightly smaller housing. From I've read here, I think a gtx2867 would be best suited. Single gate twin scroll still works fine. You still gain most the benefit of the flow advantages through the manifold particularly in the collector. The gatepipe on a 6boost twin scroll single gate for example, it at a right angle off the merge and would not interrupt
  8. Yeah from a Silver 180 which is now filled with brand new powered by max gear.
  9. If I am correct, these coilovers were sold to you by a friend of mine. They came from a car in my workshop originall, and were definitely working fine then. The problem you are describing sounds like something is loose or not adjusted correctly. Even if the shocks were stuffed, they should not be making a metal on metal sound. Can you take some good photos of the lock rings area and the top hat area? Only time I had issue like this was on my wrx when the top spherical bearing lock nut came loose and play developed in the top hat.
  10. So thats not a daughter board as such in the ECU, as in the ECU has not been "chipped", it is running standard maps. That circuit board inside the ECU looks like it has a function similar to an SAFC, but just installed inside the case. From what I can see, wires are: Red = Power +12v Black = Ground Yellow = AFM Signal White = Speed Sensor Green & Brown = Cant really tell from pics, but I would say at least one of the is connected to the AFM channel on the PCB as I'd say the AFM pic track has been cut so this device can intercept the signal and feed something different back to ECU. Anyw
  11. ONETEN

    Turbo troubles

    That is correct there is a second ECU controlling the auto in the S13, but it is 110% not the cause of your issues. It can in no way affect the running of the engine in the manner you describe. There must be 1000's of S13's/S14's/S15's out there that have been swapped from auto to manual, still running the Auto ECU and have the trans ECU still connected in place. I would hazard a guess that whatever you did with the wiring has inadvertently fixed the problem, like a loose connection on the engine ECU plug or something. Or it could just be coincidence, but I can tell you for sure unplugging t
  12. I've only used Harris engines and always been happy with the work and pricing but I've heard some good things about south side engine center?
  13. Valve stem is generally the same size, its the actual diameter of the valve that changes. Bigger valves = more air in/out, which is generally why you would upgrade them if chasing big power. So yes, the head will need to have the valve seats machined to suit new diameter /or seat angle.
  14. I have actually heard of RB26 in particular sheetting exhaust wheels, and back pressure blowing bits of broken turbine wheel back into the engine. Never personally seen it, but it would definitely cause the damage you are describing. Not good either way Not an overly difficult engine to rebuild, be a good learning experience! EDIT: This post regarding lifting off under heavy decel at the point of turbo failure does make a degree of sense in regards to parts of the shattered turbine wheel being sucked back into the engine. Id say you just got unlucky dude. http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/130853-c
  15. Yeah I am also confused... The pic is not a rooted turbine wheel, not comprrssor.how is it linked to the engine damage?
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