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  1. Also check your ecu powers up correctly, could have blown a fuse if the old one wigged out
  2. The 4 wires on the cas are power, ground,1 deg and 180deg trigger signal. Inside the loom near the connector both trigger wires have an extra wire spliced in, so you have 4 trigger wires in total but only 2 from the actual cas plug. Hard to tell you what to check over the internet without writing a novel but the nistune software has alot of helpful things to diagnose if you can get it. Id start with making sure the correct base map is loaded, if you load a an ADM one with NATS then that is probably bad. Make sure its not an S14 ecu, the pinout may be slightly different again (it is on the AD
  3. could just be a faulty thermostat, id test it in some water to be sure. i dunno how good tridon stuff is. the reason i asked about the sensor location is obviously that if its on your radiator outlet its going to read alot cooler than what your actual engine coolant temp is
  4. Are you using an aftermarket temp sensor in a different location to the factory one? Some silicone or something could potentially wedge it open. Take it out and put it in a glass of hot water to see how it opens. If you got some kind of temperature sensor you could even add boiling water slowly to the glass of water to see at what temps it starts doing things.
  5. You can file down your calipers if its only just touching, sounds bad but heaps of people do it.
  6. You don't really need to measure because you can cross reference the stampings on the crank and block with the table in the manual, but i would double check anyway. If you don't have a manual i suggest you download one and read through it first because it literally tells you how to do everything! http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj194/sr20det_motor_build/bearingcode5.jpg
  7. Theres plenty of threads, especially about rb's,that have the info you want. Youll find the nissan grading is so fine that it doesnt matter that the acl bearings are one size only, the clearances will still be in oem spec. People do machine cranks to get specific tolerances but it takes off any coating the crank may have, not sure if sr has any. You should be able to calculate your clearances from the markings on the crank/block and compare to the acl
  8. Easiest way to check coilpacks is take them off the plug and poke a screwdriver in the end and hold it about 1mm away from the rocker cover, get someone to crank for you and check for spark. Dont zap yourself. Easiest way to check injectors is to pull the rail, crank the engine and check fuel is coming out each one, fuel will go everywhere but its a small price to pay. If youve got a leaky injector one of your plugs will be wet. Its not that though, the injector duty reading is just telling you the percent of time its telling the injector to open for, it cant measure fuel leaking If yo
  9. Nice i didnt know someone made a consult to BT. I was looking at wiring a module onto my consult cable to get BT but i just bought a haltech so it wont be happening https://www.adafruit.com/products/1588 Dont see why it wouldnt work
  10. Its not feasible for Hayden because he is a ruthless buisnessman and wont work for less than $100 an hour . Its worth doing for your own learning but its not worth doing for the people, Its all been done before. The most popular one is probably nissan datascan and ecutalk also do a lcd consult display that can show everything. You can get everything from the ecu via RS232 and the protocol to read all the data has been published on the internet somewhere. Wouldnt be too hard for you to write your own program to display what you want like the ecutalk one
  11. They stop if every *rabbit* starts spinning out and gets stuck
  12. Det throttles are 50mm, de are 60mm and i think some pulsar ones were 70mm which some people have used before.
  13. Dont waste your money with that ofher junk. Metal hg, and head studs is all you need. Also use the graded nissan bearings. Acl are a one size wizard sleeve clearance fits all (although nissan probably dont do oversize ones). If you are buying a new oil pump get a VE one. They are the best of the lot. Will require machining of your balancer though.
  14. Each tooth on a cam gear is 10 degrees so you can just yolo it and advance the gear one tooth and put the chain back on.
  15. Havent been through all the options with an fc hako but i highly doubt it can do what you want, nistune can definitely do it. I dunno how good the electric fan will be on its own without the clutch fan though... although if its just a race car you should be right.
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