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  1. what happens when you turn key?
  2. bump. still having this problem. ive cleaned iacv, car idles WHEN you unplug either side of the circled vac line. it runs from plenum-plenum. kind of pointless, really.. anyway, they both have vacuum obviously but as soon as i plug it back in it dies. ideas?
  3. Running a sard fpr and it reads 3 bar. Will keep in mind though
  4. running map not afm btw, haven't looked at tps voltages don't have a multimeter
  5. Hello silviawa having a problem with my s14 hopefully someone can shed some light! Was driving to/from work today and when I put my foot down it felt like I hit a brick wall at 4500-5000 rpm and would not crack gate and felt like it was acting as a limiter. So, I tried easing the revs up slowly and would make it best 5000 rpm (went to 6.5k) then I would put foot down and again no gate/boost and would hit a brick wall. However in neutral I can rev freely. Got home opened the bonnet, had a feel/listen and found a vac line between iacv and plenum to be off pic showing vac line here: http:/
  6. I am a fan of old school rims however something looks a little off here. needs more low or maybe bolt on flares to set it off can't decide anyway clean looking 180
  7. Drove past today. Low, wide and nice wheels. Looks killer! Pictures don't do it justice
  8. hills. midland under ground 10pm
  9. Frothing over them steelies. Where the hell do you get 10 inch wide steelies from!?
  10. Where are teh times!!? Would like to see how I compared and whether or not I improved over the day. nvm found on al
  11. Car may not be ready for this. Anyone keen on taking my spot? Was 160 so yeah... $159.99 pm me
  12. dont think il have all my upgrades and tune done by then dont want to enter a stock s 13 but will see how the next couple of weeks go Doesn't answer my question But goodluck
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