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WAFFLES! Tuesday 18th March!!! Lets unite over sugar and diabetes[/center]
Waffle Date Night
[center]Pizza is decided, it's going to be Wednesday 29th. Go to the thread, say you're coming to eat pizza, come to eat pizza. If only the rest of your life was this easy[/center]
Pizza Adventure!
[center]January is a boring month. So lets pretend we're friends and go do an adventure! Jump in and make a suggestion so it doesn't end up being lame.[/center]
January Social Event
WAFFLES! Tuesday 22nd October!!! LETS DO THIS![/center]
[center]Jumping back into the year 2000, SirLagz has set up a new SilviaWA IRC chatroom for us to while away the hours when there's nothing exciting going on in the real world. Head to [url=""][/url] and log in using your SilviaWA username to experience the wonder. [/center]
SilviaWA IRC
[center]After an update and clean up of some of the forum script, it appears some people are having issues logging in. If you are one of these people send an email to with your username and error and we will do our best to get you online asap. [b]CanCer[/b] [/center]
Log In Errors
[center]SilviaWA now has a new and updated Facebook page! All new club announcements along with any cruises and other club events will be posted up on here as well as the forums to give you a lifeline to the latest and greatest forum news. [url="!/pages/SilviaWA/176294159079444"]!/pages/Silvi...176294159079444[/url][/center]
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Follow SilviaWA on the latest craze, started when we did The Perth Street & Race Motor Show @ burswood.

Check out [url=""][/url].
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MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a Happy New Years!! Drive safe and remember, its double demerit points all this holiday season. So take care!! From All the SilviaWA Committee members
Merry Xmas
Well over the past few years we have been fund raising money for the club at various events. Such as Trader fee's, Monthly meets, MC days, Dyno day etc.. Recently we have gained enough in the kitty to purchase our first item for Silviawa members. It is a 6m x 3m Oztrail Gazebo, which erects in about 2mins. We will be using it at all the outdoor events that the club will be entering.
SilviaWA's 1st purchase
As some of you may have noticed, a few things have begun happening around the place. Please bare with us in case of any temporary confusions as we are in preparation to re-organise the forum structure a little, adding new forums, and launching our new trader packages! More info on those shortly.
Site Upgrades
The committee & club would like to welcome Brian aka 'XsQuiZiT' as our new club Vice President, Brian will be helping the club in all areas of committee roles, injecting new ideas and moving the club forwards. We'll also take this oppurtunity to thank our outgoing VP Scott aka MY_180 for his time and effort in the role, and wish him well in his endeavours to start a family!
SilviaWA's new Vice President
Come Away with Silvia WA! Silvia WA are having a weekend away on the 5th and 6th of April down to Bunbury and Collie for the Max Youth Fest and Collie Drift comp!
Sil WA Weekend Away!
Well it was a Tuesday night out in the Belmont. Kart World was the place, so thats where we raced. A few watched and many came to compete. But in the end, the one who won was our very own. Sweet the elite!
SilviaWA GoKart night - Conclusion
Contrary to the time stamps all over the forums, members have not strapped flux capacitors to their Silvia's and hit 88 miles per hour! It seems our host has gone a little haywire, causing time out errors and incorrect server time's (making it appear people have logged on in the future!). Please bare with us as we sort everything out.
The flux capacitor's a bit lean captain!
Well the 2008 Tokyo Autosalon has been and gone now for another year, and was there to check out all that J goodness that was on display. Check out their wrap up of the event and their great gallery of pics.
Tokyo Autosalon 2008 Round-up (
Its old news but for those who didn't know about it, here is all the goss!! Well it was a top day with clear blue skies and nice warm sunshine. We had 21 cars which consisted of s13's, 180's, s14's, s15's, ceffy's and a r34. Big efforts by the Top Racing team, as they nailed all 21 cars by 1:30pm. For the full write up and peoples thoughts on the day click on in!
Horse Power King Competition
Our monthly cruise is approaching fast! SilviaWA monthly club meets and cruises are restricted to those who drive a Nissan "S" series car. Eg: s12, s13 Silvia/180sx,s14,s15, and special invites. The map will be available from the meet point and please bring your UHF radio - channel 16. Further details within.
Monthly Cruise - January 2nd
SilviaWA is for owners and enthusiasts of the S family of nissan performance cars.
This group includes the S12 Gazelle, S13 Silvia's and 180SX, S14, and S15 200SX.

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