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Slow and steady, makes Gleeso a tortoise!
My registered and engineered street car
Dorifuto Kaeru
CA ---> SR :)
le automobile
from build to retirement
First carrrrr
Will let you know each time I post
Retro Fitting OEM 180SX
Because I love wasting money
*contains images that may offend some s-series owners*
Come in and say hi =]
91 s13 sr20de
This time... Things will be a little different
I wish I was a Pokemon!
The show pony of the Dirty CA Club
Custom Fracked S13
Powered by moth...
You love it you really do
new to here
Because tyres are evil and need to be destroyed.
it's gonna be angry..............
my "jdm as f##k" adm s14
Goodies 734th silvia
Turbo big enough to eat babies!
break stuff
Pigged Out "N" Shit!
E I E I O. On that sil he had a 180 EIEIO
low rider
its fully sick yoooo
Kebab Spec
Classy Garage spec.
my first car :)
the money pit begins...
Starting from scratch
S15 GT SPec S - Too Sexy
An educational experience
400-500hp? yeh maybe...
It's a work in progress!!!
another drifting DE+T
There is going to be some downtime on the 14/03/2014. Please click the heading for more information.
Do you like getting Down? Do you like getting Dirty? Then this is the event for you! SilviaWA's annual Dirty South Tour and Busselton Motorfest November 22nd to the 24th
[/center]Dirty South Tour
[center]CrazyLuke has again organised another event for you! June 29th you will find us all at Midvale Speed dome. This is an all day event so come down and watch or get out there and try your hand. More information to be found in the Motorsports Event sub-forum![/center]
SilviaWA Dome Day - 29th June
Are you a person? Do you have to consume substances in order to sustain yourself? Do you like waffles? I know you answered yes to all three of those. So come and do it near other people who like Silvias too! It's like internet dating, for friends, with waffles.
Delicious Waffles!
[center]SilviaWA is excited to announce the appointment of our new Motorsports coordinator, Luke (Crazy Luke) Watch this space for what should be a very exciting 2013 race calendar! [/center]
New Motorsports Coordinator!
What happens when you take the 2JZ from an Aristo, an S13 shell, a talented fitter/turner and way more time than anyone should have on their hands? A road-legal, engineered single turbo beast that has a simple and understated look that only cars with this much time spent on them can achieve.
2JZ S13? No sh*t!
Luke Streat's S14a is the newest car in the long line of transplant victims for his engine that can never die, and most people agree, it's the best fit so far. Tuned to an agressive 411rwhp at only 17psi, this RB powered monster and it's driver are on their way up, and have secured drift sponsorship from Malicious Intent. With a solid support base and a car that looks like it'll live longer than any of us, Luke's only going to be headed towards better things.
The Neverending Story
[center]From NA stocker to mild S15 powered cruiser, Josh's hand built S13 has smart mods for easy upgrading later. With the only workshop touch been the tuning, this car shows how easy it is to DIY a tasteful car with minimal hands on experience. The quiet hills suburb is no longer quiet when Josh is out cruising! Be sure to read up on some of the more subtle mods[/center]
Owner Built DIY Success
[center]Thats right Krystal's green S13 represents Kazama's drift s15 with features such as, the bright green colour and the Driftmaster wheels from B.I.M. Check the build thread for the list of performance bits and the photos of a full build up.[/center]
[center]180sx? Skyvia? Sil80? no... VIP & slide spec 180sx! Mr. Daniel Pasini has taken this car through numerous facelifts. Will the tough matt white wideboded and low as all hell stance sporting a high mounted GT3076 twinscroll SR20DET be to stay??[/center]
More Facelifts than Goldie Hawn!
[center]Kim bought this S13 back in January 2009 since then it has had a lot of work and modifications which have lead to a Awesome Nismo look which she has pulled off very nicely![/center]
Its a Chicks Car!
This car started its life as an RB20 S13 and over the years and ownership of Lachlan has morphed into an amazing machine of everything that is random and awesome. Bolt on Flares, Mexican Blankets and Tough 15x10-38 with a 195/60 make this car a cut above the modified best.
Lachlans S13 of random awesome
No is not a 350z but its, R3N's sexy looking s15! With all the good stuff! HKS goodies, Apexi bits, Defi gauges, bodykit, Ganador mirrors and Nismo rims. Next on the list was JIC coil overs to arrive from Japan. Until the the unexpected happen.. A freak accident which was not caused by speeding or drifting. Looking at the car he was very lucky to walk away unscathed. So let us remember this crippled car as how it use to be.
In memory of R3N's Hawt S15
Jim's 180sx with a s15 front or better known as a strawberry faced 180SX is one of SilviaWA's best example of how its meant to be. It started its life back in 07 as a stock dark blue 180sx. From then its had been kitted out and re-sprayed. Under the bonnet has been worked on with a Garett GT2871R, 6Boost Manifold, Greddy Cams and springs. With all this Tuned with a nistune ecu it made a whooping 359 RWHP @ 22 psi.
Jim's s1580
Marcís 180sx has been in the Perth car scene for the past 7 years and has evolved a long way in this time. Starting as CA18det with no real mods to speek of, to today as one of Perthís fastest S13 track cars.
OptiCís Drift, Drag, Circuit 180sx
Daniel brought his 180sx back in 2006, since then he has steered away from the 180sx look and changed the front end to a Silvia, thus creating an aggressive looking Sil80. Not only has the car been respray in a gloss 2pak white, it has performance mods that include. Garret GT3071R 56T .86 turbo, 6Boost manifold, Turbosmart 45mm Progate, (w/screamer) Blitz SUS pod, z32 afm, Nismo 555cc injectors plus a Bosch 040 fuel pump. With all this combined it made 302rwhp @ 1.35bar.
D'z Filthy Sil80
James blue s15 is more then meets the eye. Under the hood it has a fully rebuilt sr20det with a Tomei 2.2L Stoker Kit. Featuring many hi-performance parts like the 6Boost High Mount Manifold, with an ITS 60-1 Turbo on top, Tomei Cams 260deg 12mm lift, Tomei Valve Springs, OS Gilken Twin Plate Clutch and a healthy row of defi guages. With all the performance side of things done by Roy @ Kensei Garage, you know that this thing is going to fly!
Decipher's Kensei S15
Rane has put all the hard yards into this yellow sub marine. Featuring many performance parts, like a Garrett GT2871R .64, Blitz Spec R DSBC and a Walbro GSS342 fuel pump... On the handle side of things to keep it on the road he has Section Silkroads RM-A8 Coilovers and 18x9.5'' Super Advan Racing S-II Wheels... Not to mention it has wide front and rear guards, re-trimmed interior and a glossy shade of yellow. This car stands out in a crowd that's for sure!
Submit's Wide body Onevia
Brian's 200sx has came along way since he got it at the start of 2006. His unique style has transformed his stock s14a into a real mean machine. However it is just not all looks with a Trust turbo, HKS cams, Nismo injectors, Apexi Power-FC and Ray/Volk 57 Maximum Time Attack Edition Rims 18x9.5 +22. This thing kicks ass!
XsQuiZiT s14a
Ant has created a whole new take on traditional S13 aftermarket styling and the result is extraordinary. The massivly dished 18x9.5 & 18x10.5 rims are offset perfectly with Torana style bolt-on flares, ducktail roof and boot spoilers complete the look. As unorthodox as the styling may seem, the car strangely resembles japanese nostalgic cars of the past. Everything aside, it's a sure fire winner.
Sequoias' S15 has become a regular sight in SilviaWA auto salon displays - and for good reason. Over a period of 5 years she has continually revised her originally stock GT Spec S, turning it into one of the country's premier imports. And don't go thinking this girls idea of beauty is only fiberglass deep, her beast packs a 402hp punch!
Black Beauty
SilviaWA is for owners and enthusiasts of the S family of nissan performance cars.
This group includes the S12 Gazelle, S13 Silvia's and 180SX, S14, and S15 200SX.

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