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Found 4 results

  1. Hey my names Damien and I've bought a sil80 Here is a little about myself, I'm 19 and a 2nd year h/d mechanical apprentice and also a beginner manager at my local eagle boys. I've always enjoyed working with anything mechanical as you will find out throughout my childhood vacuum cleaners portable air cons etc have all been disassembled and parts left everywhere I'm fairly cluey when it comes to using my brain but sometimes i lose all logical thinking ability. I live in the dirty south as some people call it which is where i like it Little bit about the car, its a 1993 sr20det 180sx its g
  2. So been on the forums for ages and thought that is about time I start a thread on my car. Bit of history first; My first silvia was a dead stock 92 sr20de Q's. That car was a crash course in mechanics for me and in the 5 years I owned it I learned heaps (obviously with the help of mates and the silwa community). Made heaps of mistakes, burned money on crappy parts, had the car break down on me numerous times...but when I was looking through photos to start this thread I realised I would do it all again because of how much I learned and how satisfied I felt when it did (on the rare occas
  3. Just purchased this from South Australia. Cheaper alternative than building up my '95 180SX. Great car, money spent on the engine and performance, but she needs some love inside and a few jobs to finish off. Should be fun out on the skidpan. Specs: Body: Full factory type X kit including spoiler, rear valance and carbon fibre rear garnish.GTR N1 front bumper vents.Re-sprayed in Subaru metallic silver.Genuine electric ganador mirrors.Raybrig multi-reflector headlights. Wheels: Rays Volk TE73 17x9 +22 in bronze.Suspension: Tien HR coilovers.GK-Tech front caster rods and tie rod ends.GK-Tech re
  4. Hi all, recently purchased a 180sx, the high pressure power steering hose had a leak in it, got my hands on a new one, after much difficulty wiggling the old one out, I cannot get the new one in. Anyone here replaced it or have any tips? Photo 1 is of the hose Photo 2 is how close it is to being in position, the rubber has to line up with the metal plate and a bolt goes through both, I cannot seem to move it any closer to where it is now where it screws into what I believe is the rack, I cannot seem to screw it in, the thread does not seem to be biting (I realise it's not inline
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