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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, New here so I'll give you a quick run down of the car then I'll outline the issue. Car is an S15 Spec R with quite a few mods done. To name a few, it has a built bottom end (pistons, rods etc), BC 264 cams with upgraded springs/ retainers, a Precision 5858 high mount turbo on a china manifold, Turbosmart 38mm ultra gate and a Eboost street controlling the boost. Other than these it has all the usual supporting mods, 740cc injectors, nistune, Bosch 040, front mount and HPX AFM. Now to the problem: I recently got the injectors installed and the car tuned. It had a run in tune on was
  2. Real excited to have a new S15. It's my second car, my first one was a hyundai elantra that was written off after getting rear ended. I'm absolutely in love with this thing. Got her last night. After driving a little last night I already feel terrified at the amount of power it's got compared to my first car. Looks like i've got a huge amount to learn, in the seat and under the bonnet. Really looking forward to working on this, driving it, and becoming a part of the comunity. Mods that I know of include: Nistune ecu Intercooler (need to take a proper look at this, it needs remounting)
  3. So I've spent the last couple of hours deciding weather I make a build thread or not, and then I realised I make plenty of poor life choices, so here it is.... Since my first 13 (current Onevia) I've never found a car I've liked more than the s-chassis, and this was proven as I went through numerous 'dailys', which were all very short lived, the NA S13 being the longest of them. I sold my Triton, because 4wd's are gay and then jumped into the market looking for an S15. Scouted Gumtree, with little interest in what was for sale in the WA market, and was about to go down the import road when
  4. okay so i have an s15 sr20det with a garret gt2871r with some sort of china manifold (both came on car). the initial leak was with the manifold to the block not being put on properly, the second time there was a big leak when the studs wound out where the manifold and the turbo join together, third and most recent (1 month ago) those same studs snapped so we replaced them and used locking tabs this time. there is an air leak and i can hear it but not see it and think it might be the same place or with the manifold itself, my question is if i replace that manifold with something decent will i
  5. Hi everyone I am chasing these diffusers for my s15. The front, side and rear! (Or similar) And i cant seem to find what brand it is, what the item is called, wat the part nimber is! Most shops i asked they said they need a part number or at least wt brand they are If any one knows, please help me out! Thanks all
  6. Hey guys A question regarding my brake pedals (even though I upgraded them 5 months ago). When I upgraded my S13 front brakes to S14 4 pots, I also installed a BMC 44 from an S14/15 (forgot). My friend drove the car the other day and said that the pedals were too stiff and weren't traveling far enough before he locked the wheels. He said that normal brakes should have about 4-5cm of travel before they come close to locking. I did some googling and was just wondering if I chose the wrong master cylinder for this kind of set up. I know that when I increase the bore size of the cylinder and i
  7. Hi guys. Just installed some Tomei rocker arm stoppers in my S15. Followed this guide which is for gktech but they are the same, startd it up and went for a drive, didn't notice it straight away but it got pretty loud. Rattling noise sounding like its coming from top of rocker cover. Rattle can be heard here, goes up with rpm which i think eliminates the possibility of it being a VCT rattle, also the noise is only happening since the install. Car drove OK though I did stop pretty quickly after I noticed the noise. As far as the install went everything seemed to go on smoothly, everyth
  8. i was just wondering if anyone could help me out if anyone knows of any (method) or how to TAKE OFF the nissan hood emblem off, AND putting the silvia emblem on? ive got the emblem but i just dont know how to remove the nissan one, looked up many different ways but alot of them included heating up the area before taking the emblem off (which im afraid that i could possibly damage my paint on my s15!) thank you for your time and help!
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