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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, New here so I'll give you a quick run down of the car then I'll outline the issue. Car is an S15 Spec R with quite a few mods done. To name a few, it has a built bottom end (pistons, rods etc), BC 264 cams with upgraded springs/ retainers, a Precision 5858 high mount turbo on a china manifold, Turbosmart 38mm ultra gate and a Eboost street controlling the boost. Other than these it has all the usual supporting mods, 740cc injectors, nistune, Bosch 040, front mount and HPX AFM. Now to the problem: I recently got the injectors installed and the car tuned. It had a run in tune on was
  2. So I trailered my sr20 180 home early from BDA5 after getting intimate with the sand on V8 race, which destroyed the front bar and skirts, and showed my fmic who's boss! After that car was running rough and i wasn't making any boost which i thought was due to a crack in the intercooler; hence not being able to make sunday! After having a closer look at the car this morning i noticed oil leaking onto the compressor housing from the hotside piping. I took the hoses and intercooler off and sure enough fmic was full of oil (not just your normal residue...). I also looked under the turbo and the wh
  3. Ok so i got a question regarding the feeds and returns to my turbo. this is the first time i have done a conversion and i have just been learning as i go. except ive hit abit of a stump when it comes to this. http://i62.tinypic.com/r1da89.jpg any help to why there is vac hose running there that be great.. its not coolant feed either as thats eliminated
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