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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, so I'm new to this forum. I'm looking to buy a 180sx, but not many options are arising. I'm willing to build it myself to an extent but I'm unsure. There is one car available, good condition, body is straight and engine is good, but it isn't registered and it's yellow stickered (ride height and a few other little things). The other options is a 180 with a built engine, but needs a big end rebuild. The body is straight (needs a good deal of paint work) and the interior is good too. So I'm stuck between the two. So which one would be easier to do? Registering and taking the yellow
  2. Good Morning Lads, So I've been lurking around on the forums for a long time, reading countless articles and build threads. I started posting a bit lately and so I've decided to introduce myself properly. My car history is long. I got my first car before my licence. A sheet bucket of a St184 Toyota Celica complete with hole in the muffler, Advanti 17"s and clear coat peel to rival flaky pastries. Since then I've had a Magna, 380 and an Xtrail which I still have (makes picking up car parts from gumtree easy as). But the car that started my obsession was this. a 1993 Nissan NX. This is how I
  3. So I've spent the last couple of hours deciding weather I make a build thread or not, and then I realised I make plenty of poor life choices, so here it is.... Since my first 13 (current Onevia) I've never found a car I've liked more than the s-chassis, and this was proven as I went through numerous 'dailys', which were all very short lived, the NA S13 being the longest of them. I sold my Triton, because 4wd's are gay and then jumped into the market looking for an S15. Scouted Gumtree, with little interest in what was for sale in the WA market, and was about to go down the import road when
  4. okay so i have an s15 sr20det with a garret gt2871r with some sort of china manifold (both came on car). the initial leak was with the manifold to the block not being put on properly, the second time there was a big leak when the studs wound out where the manifold and the turbo join together, third and most recent (1 month ago) those same studs snapped so we replaced them and used locking tabs this time. there is an air leak and i can hear it but not see it and think it might be the same place or with the manifold itself, my question is if i replace that manifold with something decent will i
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