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Battery Relocation Guide

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would you say you would get much voltage drop from 4 gauge though from boot to engine ?

because i was thinking of using 0 gauge

when your running engine and 1400WRMS + of amps


also does anyone know where to could get 1/0 gauge wire connectors ?




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i got 00 gauge cable an 00 gauge terminals its nice an fat and i have no issues with voltage drop ,its the next step up from 0 gauge, it cost's a fair bit but if your goin to do somthin might as well do it right the first time, no point buying baby cable then having to upgrade later.


i got mine at coventrys

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check the date on the thread before posting


all you need is the positive cable, then you can earth the negative side of the battery straight to the body of the car.

a good idea is to have a isolation/killswitch on the negative side, and run a circuit breaker or fuse on the positive side in case of a short.

mount the battery securely, and finish off by using new eyelets, and heatshrinking your terminals and you new battery install will be apples.

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