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Analog --> Digital Climate Control Conversion

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Parts Required


Digital control unit, sub-loom wiring (2 plug version). If you intend to make them interchangeable, as I have, you will also need: 2 Pin plug, (2x female, 1x male), and a 5 pin plug, (2x female, 1x male). You could substitute these plugs for common bullet style connectors, (7x female, 14x male). (You need 1 set of males for the loom in the car, and 2 sets of females, 1 for each control unit.) You will also need a short length of wire (20cm) and a common female spade connector.





Phillips screwdriver, wire strippers, sidecutters, crimping tool and soldering iron/solder.





Pull off the cover/surround from around the aircon/stereo/gearstick. Remove the 4 screws securing the stereo/storage bin, and remove the unit from the dash. There is no need to disconnect the wiring. (Depending on your wiring) Sit this out of your way.

Remove the 4 screws securing the climate control unit, and the unit will come out by first pushing it into the dash, and pulling it out thru the stereo hole. Disconnect the 3 plugs from the back of this unit, and put it aside.

Reach into the dash, and follow the aircon wiring until you find the plugs at the other end. Disconnect all of these plugs. Remove the blue relay from the bracket on the driver's side. (If the wiring with your digital unit has no relay connected, leave this in place.) You should now find that there is two groups of wires left, with no plugs. (Hard Wired.) There are 5 wires in one, and 2 in the other. Remove some tape from both of these, and cut all 7 wires, at the same distance, ONE AT A TIME. (We didn't disconnect the battery, remember? We don't want to short out any live wires here.)

Now, remove the sub loom from the dash. Placing it alongside the digital loom, you will see that all these 7 wires have the same colour codes, between the two looms.

Colours are: Orange/Blue stripe, Pink, Pink/Blue stripe, Pink/Black stripe, Purple, in group of 5, and Light Green/Black stripe, Dark Green/Yellow stripe in group of 2.

Now, if you don't want interchangeability, simply solder Purple on Sub loom to Purple in main loom, and so on, for all 7 wires.

For interchangeability, attach the plugs mentioned under "Parts" to both control unit sub looms, and to the main loom. Control unit looms both get the "female" side of the plugs, and the "male" goes onto the main loom. The 2 Green wires should be grouped onto the 2 pin plug, with the remaining wires utilising the 5 pin plug. (When attaching plugs, take care to ensure that each colour wire corresponds with its counter-part in the other loom.)

Now, find the constant power (memory) wire for your stereo. (If you have an aftermarket stereo, it is the yellow wire, orange for Pioneer.) Strip back a little bit of the plastic from this wire, and solder the 20cm length of wire you have into this wire. Attach the female spade connector to the other end of this wire. Ensure you cover the soldered joint properly with electrical tape. Now, connect the spade terminal to the single red wire left from the control unit sub loom. If you haven't already done so, connect up the plugs you attached to each loom, and connect the 2 plugs to the back of the digital control unit.

Before putting it all back together, you may like to test it. (NOTE: The auto function will not work without the sensor on the surround connected.)



Putting It Together


Put the control unit back in thru the stereo hole, and move into position. Replace the 4 retaining screws. Fit the stereo head unit back into place and secure with it's 4 screws. (Ensure the wire/plug for the sensor does not get caught in behind the stereo.) Now, attach the sensor plug and the little black tube, and clip the surround back in place, and, job done.......

To swap later, if required, it is now plug'n'play, for those who used the plug method, except you don't need to connect the constant power wire for the analogue unit.



For those of you who are average at this type of work, it should only take 1-1.5hours to do this swap.

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