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hey did a search but didnt find anything.. even though i rember reading it somewhere..


anyway looking at getting into the motorsport scene just wondering where i would go about getting a helmet?


i know cashies has but i was thinking of a new one since its my life n stuff..


and what requirments are on the helmet? does it have to be approved by some comitee or other?




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you can go to places like


tenagah, go gear and others. i think tenagah my be out of stock atm.


if you ask the guys they normally can tell you if they are approved or not. you dont actually have to take it to anyone.


when you enter a event you have to get your car and helmet checked. becareful not to heavly scratch the helmet or crack it as they will not let you run with it (my bro was warned for this exact prob)


quote"they can be signs of possible weak points"


hope this heaps mate :D

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all depends what you like. some people like closed helmets and some like open. it doesn matter as long as they are approved. my bro and i have motorbike type helmets from go gear. they look sweet and dont costthe world they cost like 110 bucks...


i actually have to go get a new one soon... fun fun :P

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As long as it meets Australian Standards you'll be right.


Bike or car helmet doesn't matter - can use either in a car - however you can only use a bike helmet on a bike (im talking motorbike here for all the smarta$$es.


Tenegah have some very good ones that are badged as something else but are made by Sparco iirc. Give them a bell!

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also keep in mind pal + panther near the rosemount hotel. I bought my motorbike helmet there which i use for motorsport, they have a good range at good prices and are friendly.

True that . If you stroll in to Pal & Panther and ask for Craig , advise that Saf sent you there , he will cut you a nice price. Slid a hundie note off a mates Shoei couple months ago he needed for AHG.

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