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Westdrift Nye Pendulum Party Bus

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Hey guys just wanted to let anyone who lives NOR near kinross know we have organized a party bus to get to the Belvoir ampitheatre for New years eve to see Pendulum.


The bus can hold around 50-55 people and anyone is wlecome to join us to make the trip a bit easier haha.


It's $10 per person and the bus will be taking us to the event. I dont know what time the event finsihes but the driver has said he might be able to pick us up aswell if enough people want to at the end of the night/morning.


We'll be leaving from Kinross (although the exact place may change but will be around this area) and we'll probably be having a bbq and some drinks before the bus picks us up.


If your interested just let me know and I'll add your name to the list at http://www.westdrift.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=624


Also people SOR are welcome aswell but it just means a mission to NOR to get the party bus to Midland haha.


Also your $10 doesnt include your Pendulum ticket... source that yourself from Live clothing or somewhere.

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