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Westdrift Collie Drift School

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Firstly a big THANK YOU goes out to all those people that have donated money and time to make such an event like this possible. Also to Speedworks for there efforts towards the day.  :D


Westdrift is proud to announce that we have a Collie Track day/Drift training on the

10th February 2007

And are looking at taking full advantage of the day.


We will be looking at conducting a Training exercise in the morning followed by some quality track time.


The numbers will be strictly limited, at this stage we are looking at maximum of 25 trainees to keep track time to a maximum


We are looking at having 5 or more instructors, including Borneo, Keithy, Drift Mike, Clint, Kizza and hopefully gtrken (if he is available)


We will be utilising the skid pan and sections of the track for basics, hand brake turns, 180s, 360s and figure eights, then moving on to using the whole track


Costs at this stage will be

$40 for gold members

$80 for non-members - non-members can pay an extra $10 to upgrade to gold membership

(NOTE: these prices are heavily subsidised by the club)


Included in this price is payment for the camping ground for a bbq and drinks at night, followed by a cruise back to Perth the next day. So don't forget your tent!


If you have any questions feel free to ask them, as the Westdrift Committee will be more than happy to answer them.  :)


Westdrift looks forward to having you there  :D




Westdrift Committee  :)


The day is split into 2 halfs, the first with an instructor the second an all out drift practice so if for some reason your not keen on having an instructor you can still go out by yourself and enjoy the Collie racetrack!


for more info please checkout the official post at:



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You contact 86wannabe on westdrift.com in the link I provided, if you dont want to signup to the forum then just email him at


[email protected] and he will tell you!


easy as!


If you have any more problems then just PM me and I can sort it out for you.

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Ok the payment deadline has been met so I would like to let everyone know that they need to get there payment to us asap or there spot will be voided to people on the backup list (and lets just say the backup list is almost 3-4 times longer than the list of people going!!!)


Please PM me for bank details if you want to send it straight through I'm going to give everyone a couple m ore days before I remove them from the list!


Thanks guys!

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Thanks! I hate to push everyone but we have such a long list of people wanting in that its unfair on them if someone doesnt turn up or whatever.


Thanks to everyone who has shown interest aswell, its going to be a great day and the afterparty will be even better! :D

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There will be a free Scrutineering session at Speedworks this Sunday for all people in the school. Its a good idea to take it up so you have time to fix anything before driving all the way to Collie to find out you cant go on the track for whatever reason!

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Ill swing past Speedworks in the Morning...  i have paid, but i havent dropped off my membership form...can i drop it off at speed works on sunday too?

Sorry I didnt read this before yesterday, if you didnt drop it of you can drop it off on the day at Collie if you want.


Also to those that havn't paid, you spaces are now void and will be passed on to people on the backup list, so please contact Chuck-e immediatly on 0437889379 if you dont want to lose your spot.


Everyone whos not in the school feel free to join us as spectators on the day and camp Saturday night, we are having a Spit/BBQ and salads which is $10 per person, then on the Sunday morning we will be have a cruise back to Perth.

Furious Imports have let me know they will be filming the weekend for there upcoming DVD so heres a chance to get on TV :D

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Rob, Borneo asked if I wanna whore now so let me know what the go is regarding payment and sheet!


Also, are passengers allowed? Got 3-Chip camera with Fisheye, and Rancy Pants is taken the Jenna Jameson of Silvia's down for a slide!

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Spectators are free and so is camping friday/saturday night. The spit and salad and stuff is $10 per person and you buy your own alcamahol we cant sell any haha.


Only the Instructors are insured to have passengers so you can whore with Borneo if he wants to take you out for some runs.

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