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Gauge Install. Using A Heater Vent.

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Okay, since i got a bit of response from a random post.. I took one of the small heater vents out of the gauge cluster surround, and used it for a gauge holder.


Wanted somewhere out of the way, and not in a spot i could be done for.


I took out the surround ( 2 screws at top, take bottom panel and steering column surround off, few screws underneath too), then undone all the plugs for the buttons.


turn it around, you'll see 2 screws holding the vents in. take them out, the vent will come out with ease. i cut 2 small pieces of plastic out, so i had some more thread on the gauge to hold it on. i used the gauges small mount to hold it in. like this.




tightened it up so it won't move.




then put it back into the car and wired it all up, had to shove the old airway out of the way so i could poke my wires through, and it's perfect. out of the way, extremely easy to view. Happy with the install, i went inside and watched some cartoons.





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