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Fire Extinguisher Mounting.

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Okay, So You've picked yourself up 50 dollars of Pride, and you need somewhere easily accessible, somewhere hidden to put your Extinguisher.


In the boot ? nah too far to get it.. Passenger side Footwell ? What about your lanky friends who need the room in your car!


Heres The Answer.. and all you need is :


A mate with a welder.. Some Metal Strapping.. a drill... and some bourbon with coke on the rocks.


Put your seat to where you'd generally be comfortable and relaxed.


Get some cardboard, cut into 3 strips. lay the cardboard down with the extinguisher on top.. make so it doesn't knock anything, and you can get to the clip..


Cut the metal to size, tack weld some tabs so you can move it around to get a good spot. Weld properly, weld the bracket of the extinguisher to the frame.


Voila. Drink said bourbon and coke on the rocks, get totally messed up and have some fun.






And yes it is legal, and yes it does pass Cams.. had some very good comments from quite a few pit marshalls about the mounting and bracket, never heard 1 bad thing about it.. and it saves drilling holes or cutting your interior to pieces.



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Just thought id post up what i did.


I didn't want to go drilling holes into my car so after playing around for a while this is what i came up with.


All you need is


3 x 10mm nuts

3 x 10mm bolts

150mm x 4mm x 19mm flat bar

1 x 1kg fire extinguisher


I chose to put it right behind the center console. There is a plastic plug/gromet thing which i used to go through the top hole of the braket like so



I know this doesn't seem very strong but firstly it doesn't really need to be the fire extinguisher isn't really that heavy and the stability comes from the flat bar.


Drill 3 holes in the flat bar to line up like so (i put two going into the center console braket to make it more ridgid) make sure that your center console will fit back in!





then its just a matter of bolting it all together and it should look something like this.



Just a word of warning make sure the little red platstic clip the holds the pin in the trigger doesn't come off or you might end up like me with a lung full of dust, a car full of white powder and a half empty fire extinguisher :waa: and dont think this would fit to well if you still have a rear seat but thats an easy fix :P

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