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picked this up a couple of weeks ago for a great price, was running rich & idling a bit high - i reset the tb & is all good now


its a 1990 glx cressida & it made 268hp atw with 17psi & safc



1jz twin turbo

shiftkitted auto - shifts firm

grande lsd

gtr 4pots & new rotors/pads/lines allround




supra 16x8 rims


adjustable exhaust cam gear

hks timing belt

few other bits including a very good window out respray in original blue


anyway heres some pics








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whats a r154 converson cost? 2k or so?

car only cost 5.4k which was good cause no way could i have afforded a manual (even if i could have found 1)


also getting the rear bumper reprayed monday so will look even better :pimp:


whats the boost cut on these? 15psi?


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r154 box alone is 1600, then you need clutch, pedels ect so 3k should do it


think its around the 13/14 psi mark on them best to get electronic boost cut defender, although after installing safc on mine it stopped the boost cut, thats the vvti so not sure if there the same


only 1 way to find out ha ha

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yeah nick had a safc on it & runnng 17psi so they must have a boost cut defender.

not real keen to do safc again personally, best gains come from ignition maps.


whats availiable as far as flash tuning these ecus's?


whats the stock map sensor 3bar?


dont spose you know what standard suspension adjustments these have? (the castor rods look adjustable but im not sure, assume no standard camber adjustment?

car needs a wheel aligment

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progress has been made!


rear bumper has been sprayed, boot badges put back on, safc installed & tuned, service done & thats about it.

needs more boost & a set of better plugs.


it made 271hp atw thru an auto


stock 1jz-gte

stock supra? fmic

stock dumps with 3" exhaust/cat

turbotech mbc at 12psi


safc2 tune

95ron fuel



(green line is it breaking down, when we tried to put another 1psi into it)


overall, for a $6k bunky im very happy :)


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whats next is replacing these plugs (with 7's or 8's) dropping the gap down a bit (was 0.8mm & 6 range plugs as thats what was in there) & getting it tuned again for 16 or 17psi.


now thats its at least tuned/checked i might take it down the strip


oh yeah still needs a wheel alignment & more rear rubber so probably a way off seeingif it will crack a 13



not sure on the cruise, would like too, so will see.



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nah, 95 is doing just fine thanks.


next tune will be with another 4psi so that will still only be 16psi




the ride height is burning my eyes D: but im diggin the cressie looks like it should go well

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nah, not alot of body roll really, its just not harsh at all over these crap roads we have around here which is what i want from a daily.


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i only intended to run 15psi so i rekon 98 is not needed for such a low boost level (others run 17+psi reliably thru the stock twins tho)


because of the crap plugs its running (6's @ 0.8 gap), we couldnt increase the boost much from 12psi.


if i keep the car i will put some 7's or 8's in there with a 0.55 gap & then retune it for 15psi (still on 95).


it is tempting to run it on 98 @ 17psi & pick up another 30rwhp or so, but the car hammers as it is now.


would piss all over a stock evo now even on 3/4 throttle lol.


so its quite good having a turbo car this fast & not having to buy 98 :)


i have a chart with AFR's as well btw

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