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Winding up/down a broken window

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So, the little black in your driver's door has died and now your window is stuck down. Sucks to be you. Until you get it fixed though, you're stuck with a window that's always open. Unless you do this;




Phillips Head Screwdriver

Flat head screwdriver

A friend




15 minutes




First, open the driver's door out so you can access the inside door panel. There's two screws that have to be undone here, one on the top left out in the open, and a second that's a little harder to get to. Look inside the door handle and there should be a little square of black that has a slot on one end. Put your flathead screwdriver in there and then lever the square out. Underneath is your second screw. You'll also have to take off the surround that's around the lock/latch, it's just a case of holding the latch open and pulling it off.


The arrows are screws and the circle is the surround.







Once these are off it's a simple case of pulling on the edge of the panel all the way around, and the little plastic clips holding it on will just pop out, and unplugging the window controls, which consists of pulling the black plastic handle with the window controls up and out of the panel, then unplugging it from beneath.


Underneath, if it's a virgin door, there'll be a layer of plastic attached to the actual door itself, either cut a hole in this or pull it off completely, to expose the window motor cog.




Now you need to unscrew the two lower screws holding this cog in place. There are actually three holding the motor to the frame, but the third is up the top and out of the way, and it's easy enough to move the cog with it still attached.




All that's left now is to call your friend over, pull the cog using your flathead so that it disengages from the other, and then have them pull the window up till it's stopped. Then reengage the cogs while they're holding the window, and screw the screws back in. then just reverse the other steps to put your door panel on again, and all of a sudden, you're protected from the harsh elements of reality.


And yes, I know this is a pretty simple thing, but someone has to do it so that people know how =P

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