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Power Window Switch Update to type X !

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Howdy wanted to share this info. People might know about it but never made an article, so here it is.


I wanted to get a new power window switch(PWS) for my car. seems like these old Push Only PWS are getting on and second hand ones are just as bad. So i wanted to fit newer type. The push and pull type from type X. Now this helps if you have a type X PWS with the harness still attached (most wreckers will sell PWS with harness as this is how they quickly chop it off the body during stripping). solder and tape/ shrink wrap every wire for best resalts... enjoy!


1. Remove door trim / card by removing screws from here and there. pull the door handle from the inside to remove the trim behind it.

unplug everything that you need to take the door card off.




2. you should be faced with this, try to keep the plastic on the door as it keeps moisture out of the car.



3. locate the black box (power window switch amp) unplug and put it away for safekeepings. you don't need it with the type x PWS as it's inbuilt into the unit.



4. chop the plug for the amp to get to green and blue wires. they are easy to spot as it's thicker than the other wires. these are wires that feed the power to the motor.



5. Match the colour of the wires from the type X PWS to the S13/180 door wiring. there is six wires all up to join - solid green, solid blue, red/black, red/white, black/white and solid black.


6. make sure the wiring is neat and tucked away from moving parts, put the door card back on. it'll look like this and the AUTO lettering on the PWS lights up at night!




im sure you can do the same to the passenger side but I havn't tried. classy update for your S13!

I've done this to my car if anyone wants a look.




Einar 'Ina'

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