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More and more, tech threads are been clogged with people offering parts or asking for parts without their 25 posts.

Some threads are 3 posts of actual help/diagnostics and then are a heap of posts with "I have one, call me" etc etc.

Whilst it is some times helpful, we feel that it takes away from what the tech section is. While it may seem like nothing for that thread, in 2 years when some one else is searching through trying to do their own diagnoses, the last thing you want is a 12 post interesting looking thread that may hold the key, ending up being a wanted add gone wrong.


There will be a short amnesty period, where posts will only be deleted, however in time this will lead to warns and bans. Yes. It's another chance for me to flex my E-muscle, of which I have a lot.


If you feel this is all too harsh and Nazi-esque, then please remember you have a wonderful PM system that not only completely hides from my eyes, it is a direct link to the person that needs the part(s). We also have a shop section where you can list all of your wonderful bits and pieces. Meanwhile, if you need something, please make a wanted thread.


If this really upsets you, I hope this picture of a squirrel helps brighten your day.


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